Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bad test grade, Slow running, Sick from Tetanus shot, Life has to get better

I survived the spring break where there was neither spring nor a break. 
Test #1, first day back, 96%.  That means I missed 2.  I haven't seen the test yet to know what stupid mistakes I made.
Test #2, second day back, 86%. A new LOW for me.  I have never ever in my entire life had a grade that low.  Our teacher sent a message on the online classroom thingy saying that the class average for this exam was 80% and said that some may need some extra help and tutoring to bring their grades up to passing.  Since I was 6 points above the class average and my overall grade in the class is at 90% right now and the limit for passing to failing is 73 or 74 (can't remember; didn't think I'd ever need to think about it) I highly doubt I'd be a candidate for any extra help; I'd get laughed at for asking.  What is wrong with wanting to get high grades??  I'm constantly told that when I graduate and get my license that nobody is ever going to ask what my grades were or if I was at the top of my class.  What's wrong with wanting to be anyway, even if nobody ever asks?? I've heard several classmates say that they've had 4.0s in the pre-reqs and had the goal of keeping that up but have now lowered their expectations.  I just can't see doing that. 
Ok, enough of that!
Test # 3, third day back 100% although this test was nothing difficult.

One of the requirements for health care programs and jobs is having all childhood immunizations.  In the past what I had always done was use my school records from way back when.  Well, now that's not good enough for us old fogies.  Back in the day our Mommys filled in a form with the dates of our immunizations when we enrolled in kindergartin, now they call that "self reporting" and it's not acceptable now.  Sooooo, I had to have titers which are blood tests for the immunizations.  If your titers come back not showing any of the immunizations it doesn't mean you never had them or you don't have the immunity but you have to get the immunization.  Mine all came back positive!!!!!!!!!  I was due (overdue actually) for a tetanus booster so I got that Thursday.  I remember the last time I had one that I had a very sore arm for a few days but this time it made me really sick.  I met up with a classmate at the public library on Friday afternoon to study.  We were there over 4 hours.  I was really uncomfortable most of the time; I had a headache and my lower back was hurting then my legs started hurting.  I thought it was because the chair was uncomfortable.  When I left the library it was sunny and 45 so naturally I decided to go running!!  Bad idea.  I did not get very far and knew something was up.  I could barely move and my entire body hurt.  I ran 3 very slow miles. (31 minutes) and when I got back to my niece's house (I was house-sitting) I could barely get up the 3 steps to unlock the door.  Everything hurt and I was miserable.  I showered and curled up in the bed with a heated blanket and slept for about 2.5 hours then woke up extremely hungry but just didn't feel like I could get up and get dressed.  I did manage to get jammies on and went downstairs.  I was so hungry but at the same time couldn't even look at food.  I drove to McDonalds (yes, in jammies) and got a cheeseburger.  I don't know why but sometimes when I am sick that is the only thing I can eat.  It's not even something I eat normally.  I haven't been to a McDonalds in a long time.  After I ate the cheeseburger (no top bun) I had an apple, a really yummy Kiku apple then my tummy was happy but the rest of me was still miserable.  I took ibuprophen and went back to bed and slept nearly 11 hours.  I felt much better Saturday morning and even went running.  I ran 6 very slow miles.  I didn't have the body aches but I still couldn't move very fast.  I intended to run 8 but changed that plan not very far into the run. As Saturday went on I got achy all over again but not to the extent as Friday.  I've never had a tetanus shot do this to me.  I'm still not 100% but am much much better today. 
So, anyway, there is the most boring blog entry ever written!!!!!!! 
Last Saturday (March 5) was 12 weeks out from the half marathon I am signed up for and I was supposed to start training.  OOPS, I kinda forgot!!  The weather was awful and I had the 3 tests hanging over my head and I had to work way too much and never felt like I got to study sufficiently.  I house-sat that weekend too and took running gear but the weather turned to horrible cold and inches of snow and I didn't have the right gear with me.  Soooo, I guess my half marathon training has officially begun with 11 weeks to go.  It will be interesting to see how well I keep up with it until the weather warms and daylight lasts longer and until I am completely done working.  (yup, I am in the process of quitting my job!)

Well, a little more studying for, yes, another test tomorrow then off to bed.
Runner Nerd
having trouble with the runner part AND the nerd part.
(may have to change her name to jogger average student)

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