Thursday, April 29, 2010


I don't know what to do anymore. 
I ran 7 miles with the Thursday night group.  Everything was fine and dandy.  The dirt roads were dry, a spot that had been flooded was also dry, great weather, cool friends to run with, 9:20s-9:30s miles, it was all good.  Well, all good until nearly 6 miles into the run.  I began feeling the familiar twinges.  As much as I did not want to I slowed down considerably.  It never got really bad but it is a bit sore now.  WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
My marathon is 4 weeks from Saturday.  I don't know how much running I am going to be able to do this weekend, if any.  My niece is getting married Saturday which will consume nearly the entire day for me.  Sunday I have a family thing in Ohio.  I am just going to rest it.  A week from Saturday is the Riverbank 25K.  I would like to try running it at 9 min pace but I will see what happens that day. 
Tomorrow I have an appointment for massage.  The guy I go to is really good with running injuries so hopefully it will be happy afterward. 
I've had enough of this.  I am getting closer to getting rid of last summers weight gain so I hate to have to cut my mileage any more.  I guess I am going to have to be very careful (even more than what I have been) as to what I eat.  
ok, I am going to go to bed now and cry myself to sleep.  (not really, it's not that bad!)
Runner Nerd

Monday, April 26, 2010

Be careful dialing phone #s!!!

I called (or thought I was calling) customer service for my wireless internet card about some problems I was having.  I looked at the number and dialed 1-800-xxxxxxxx.  What I heard was not the usual "Thank you for calling Verizon Wireless..."  but was a bubbly female voice saying something about tantalizing conversation.  I hung up and tried again, same thing.  Hmmmmmm.  I looked at the number again and the area code was actually 888
My brain is really ready for this semester to be over!! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

5 Weeks to M day!!!!!!!!

Yep, it's now 5 weeks till the Bayshore Marathon!!  Today I went to Grand Rapids to participate in a big group training run put on by the Grand Rapids Running Club and was run on the Riverbank Run 25K course.  The 25K course is 15.5 miles.  I used a restroom in a park along the way which was quite a ways off of the road so I was a couple tenths of a mile over so I just ran a little farther down the street and made it an even 16 miles.  It was chilly and had rained on and off on my drive over there.  It rained a bit at the start but it stopped and did not rain any more during the run.  Did I mention that it was chilly??????  Well, it was!  I parked in a parking ramp about 1/2 block from the start and since this was just a training run and there was nowhere to leave anything I took off my jacket and left it in the car.  I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  Everyone was in a covered area at the entrance to a bank since it was sprinkling.  I did not see anyone else in short sleeves and most everyone had jackets on.  I was wondering if I was way underdressed.  I did eventually see others in short sleeves and shorts but not very many.  I was quite chilly when I started but by 2 miles was warmed up.  There were times when all of a sudden I would be cold but most of the time I was fine.  I am now glad that I wasn't wearing a jacket.  Of course, as soon as I stopped running I was totally freezing and my car was farther away than it was from where we started.  The finish is a block over so I walked to my car and then drove to the YMCA (not very far) to use the locker rooms to shower.  I am a Y member so I am allowed to be a guest at other YMCAs several times per year.  I drove home with the heater on high.  I finally began to feel warmed up about an hour later and then, of course, I stopped at a rest area and had to get out of the car!!  
I'm glad I went; it was fun.  It took a big chunk out of the day.  It's nearly a 2 hr drive so I was leaving at 5:30 am.  The run started at 8 but I don't think it started right at 8 because a 3 different people made announcements and stuff.  By the time I ran 2.5 hours and ate really yummy whole grain rolls at the finish line and then walked back to my car it was 11:00.  I wasn't long in the Y and it was nearly 2pm when I got home.  So, for getting up so early to run it sure took a big chunk out of my day but I'm still glad I did it.  The Riverbank 25K is 2 weeks from today.  This will be my 3rd year of running it.  
My hamstring did not bother while I was running so I am happy about that!! 
Well, I am tired and going to bed.  I was working on homework but can't stay awake any longer. 
Runner Nerd
mostly runner and just a little nerd today

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cold Shower

After a very long and very boring computer class and a tough Exel test I was looking forward to a 3 mile run on the Falling Water Trail before heading off to the next class.  It was beautiful, warm and sunny out and I ran pretty good.  On the way back I decided to see how fast I could run a mile where the Army has a mile marked off.  All I could manage was 8:47.  I was hoping for at least 8:30.  I am a slow poke these days.  After my run I stretched my hamstring then headed over to the Y for a shower.  Upon entering I saw a sign taped up on the wall: "Due to a leak we will be fixing a pipe on Wednesday between 8am and approximately 2 pm"  OK, it's 3:40 so I assume that the pipe is fixed.  I asked the ladies at the desk and they said that they had not been notified that it is finished.  A man heading out said that there was no hot water and he had taken a very fast cold shower.  OH MY GOODNESS, a cold shower it was.  I think the hot water may have been back on but heated up yet as the water was not ice cold but it sure didn't qualify as warm either.  I only used a little conditioner and very little soap so I could rinse as fast as possible.  After my cold shower I stepped into the steam room for about a minute to warm up.   I've had a bad headache ever since then, not sure if sticking my head under cold water had anything to do with it. 
My head was still hurting as I went to my medical terminology class.  It was very difficult to study before class.  I am glad I had already studied.  I got 100% on the test!!!!!  I was quite shocked because I really didn't feel very prepared for this chapter.  It had a lot of confusing stuff in it. 
Only 2 more weeks of this semester left and I will have 2 weeks off until the summer semester starts.  I will only have 1 class during the summer.  My daughter is taking 2 classes at the community college this summer and her and I will be in an English class together!  I'm not sure what to think.  I'm not sure I want to be in class with my daughter but she sure is looking forward to it!  I was really surprised at that.  We are going to share a book. 
Well, I have to be at work early tomorrow morning so I am going to get to bed.  I am exhausted and I still have this headache. 
Runner Nerd
was both runner and nerd today!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I changed a bike tire!

I went to a triathlon clinic today where the focus was the bikes.
I took the front tire from my bike with me.  I let the air out of the tire, took the tire off the wheel, took the tube out of the tire then put a little air in it then put it back in the tire, let a little of the air back out, then put the tire back on the wheel then pushed the edge back all the way around on both side to make sure no tube was along the edge then pumped the tire up!! 

After the tri clinic I stopped at Hudson Mills to run 3 easy miles.  I had 31 miles for the week!! 

I am not getting very far on my project for computer class.  It is a power point presentation of 80 slides.  It is called "Life Planning".  I asked the teacher if those of us who are already half way through life only need 40 slides.  He said no but he did laugh!  I'm just not creative. 

Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon.  I have quite a few friends running it this year.  I am going to sign up for text message updates tonight!  5 people from Thursday night running group are running it.  One of the owners of the running store is running it.  I also have 4 other friends running it.  (Everyone except me!)
I have heard that they will have decent weather.  According to weather channel, looks like 48-55 degrees!  That sounds perfect! 

Time to watch a DVD! 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

6 Weeks till M day!

Today was long run day!  I ran 17.5 miles with the triathlon coach from the YMCA.  Nobody else showed up so it was just the two of us.  Meet up time was 6:30AM.  He usually has the group runs at 10 but had to run real early today because his high school track team had an invitational so he had to be done around 9. 
The run went pretty good.  My hamstring stayed nice and quiet!!  My average pace for the run was 9:54 but when I took the time before the last mile and figured it with a pace calculator it was 9:42 average for the first 16.5.  The last mile was tough.  It was my slowest mile and it was more than slow!!  It was freezing this morning.  I had to wear long tights and a winter shirt.  I thought those were put away for the summer!  I also wore a headband and gloves.  I have been wearing shorts the last 2 weeks now.  We ran a 6.5 mile loop twice then a 3.5 miler then I ran a mile alone since coach had to get going.  On the way home my calves ached just like they did last week and it was hard to drive.  After my shower I fell asleep for a little while and when I got up I didn't think I could straighten my legs out!!  I really need to use that foam roller that stands in the corner! 
Tomorrow I am going to a triathlon clinic where the subject is going to be bike maintenance and tire changing!!  I have no clue how to change a bike tire so I signed up for this.  There will also be info on buying a wetsuit which is something I should do if I plan to keep doing triathlons.  I am sure I will enjoy the clinic.  I have to go figure out how to take the front tire off of my bike; I've never removed it before. This should be funny!  I'm glad nobody will be watching me! 

I am exhausted now.  I have been trying to work on my project for my computer class but am not having much success.  I guess I will work on it again tomorrow.  Right now all I want to do is sleep for about 12 hours!!  I won't be able to do that since 12 hours from right now I need to be leaving for the tri clinic.  10 hours sounds good!! 

SIX WEEKS TO BAYSHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worn out Runner Nerd

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh the Drama!!

 I am at the library right now.  It is 4pm.  The place is full of school kids.  There has been a group of kids standing by the window that is near where I am sitting and they have been whispering and giggling and watching something outside. (I am on the 2nd floor)  I had to go out to get something that I left in my car and it became apparent what they were so interested in outside.  The parking lot is also full of kids.  There is a group of them sitting in the back of a pick up truck and a bunch sitting on a ledge and on the benches that are outside.  From my brief walk through the pack I could hear comments going back and forth that weren't all that nice. 
OK, I need to concentrate on my homework now and block out the entertainment! 

Runner Nerd
having a hard time being a nerd right now!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3.5 mile run

I ran 3.5 miles today and my hamstring behaved itself!  I started slow and things seemed to go fine.  I ran each mile faster and the last half mile I decided to pick up the pace and see if my hamstring would protest and it didn't!  I ran the last half mile at 8:50 pace.  I take this as a good sign.  I am still going to be cautious and keep to 4 days of running per week for now.  I want to get my long runs in.  I want to make it to Bayshore. 
Tomorrow is school.  I have my lunch made and most of my things ready to go, just have to shut this off and load it in my backpack so I am ready to go!  I hope to run 2 or 3 miles between classes.


Runner Nerd

Monday, April 12, 2010

Only a few more days of Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam waving at me!

The past couple months have sometimes been like a circus driving down West Ave.  There are two tax places.  One has people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty standing by the street waving at people; the other place has an Uncle Sam.  Then you add to that the giant pizza slice who is out there during the lunch hour and on weekends Art Van usually has people out holding signs and the there are usually two Statues of Liberty on weekends as well so it's quite amusing sometimes!  This must be the latest way to advertise.  I am not sure what the Statue of Liberty has to do with getting your taxes done or why the Statue of Liberty waving at you would convince you to have that company do your taxes but it must work because they did it last year and again this year. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

7 weeks from today!!!!!!!!

I took a week off after my hamstring mishap.  I ran 5 miles with my Thursday group and my hamstring let me know it was there but I did not pull it again.  It does not like going uphill.  I refrained from running yesterday in hopes of getting some mileage in today.  My hamstring doesn't hurt anymore when I'm going about my normal every day life.  So, I put on my compression shorts and headed out for Hudson Mills.  I just said I will do what I can do and if I make it to 16 miles that will be great.  I didn't run very fast.  Things went pretty good, I ran the original 3 mile loop and the extension and then that trail that goes off by the extension and goes under Territorial Rd, (I don't even know what it is called and I don't even know what that big field is where the trail ends up) then back to the car.  That was 8.5 miles.  I refilled my water and gatorade and was off again to run the 7 mile route again.  I made it to 15.8 miles and could not go another step.  I could see the park office building (I was parked on the other side of the building).  I staggered like a drunk across a playground full of children to get to the building.   I used the restroom then went to the car.  My hamstring was good, it was EVERYTHING else that hurt.  My calves hurt so bad.  I didn't think I could drive at first.  I drank my Luna recovery drink,  listened to a voice mail and then sent a text message then decided to give it a try!  I made it home but thought I was going to crash to the ground when I tried getting out of the car.  I was so stiff.  A hot shower and a nap felt really good!! 
I ate Gu Chomps and sport beans today.  I like sport beans!!  I need to compare them to Gu to see how they compare.  I hate Gu.  I thought it would grow on me but it isn't growing on me one little bit.  It is nasty and slimey.  I can handle Gu Chomps, they are softer than Shot Blocks and much easier to eat.  I just wish they came in cherry.  I am going to fiddle around with the packages and see how they fit in the little pouch on my marathon belt.  It's not very big but it stretches; it will fit 6 Gu packets perfectly.  I don't carry anything else.

I am so tired right now.  I had all kinds of stuff to write about but it's not going to happen tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.    I also have a headache so I am going to go to bed and try to get up in time to go to church in the morning. 

Runner Nerd
very tired and worn out

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Greek Yogurt

Lately I've been reading a lot about greek yogurt.  I've read about how great it is in Runner's World articles, running websites, Runner Dude raves about it on his blog.  A runner friend of mine recently told me I should switch to greek yogurt.  Well, I finally tried it.  I have one word for it: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.
I did not like it, I ate 3 spoonfuls and could not do it.  It was like eating sour cream.  It was supposed to be vanilla but it did not taste like vanilla.  I tried it Friday.  I did not have to go to work until in the afternoon and I slept in and ate breakfast way late.  When I was getting ready to leave for work I realized I was getting hungry but did not have time to eat before I left.  I remembered I had the greek yogurt in the fridge so I grabbed that and a spoon and off I went.  I tried, I really did but it was like eating sour cream.  I ate 3 spoonfuls and that was it. Soooooooo, I was extremely hungry all afternoon and it was all I could do to not drive through Wendy's and get a fish sandwich.  I really like those things for some reason.  They will be gone after today which is a good thing.  Wendy's only sells them during Lent.

I did not run today.  I posted on Facebook that I was scheduled to run 16 miles but didn't know if I should and my friends pretty much ordered me not to.  I just want to make it to Bayshore and be able to run it, I DO NOT want to have to drop out.  My hamstring is sore on and off when I am walking around so I guess it's not ready for running especially running 16 miles.

Happy Easter to anyone who may happen to read this.

Runner Nerd

Saturday, April 3, 2010

what to do? what to do?

Well, I ran 4 miles Thursday night.  My leg hurt on and off, especially going up hill.  I had a massage yesterday.  The therapist is a runner and a good sports massage therapist.  He worked on both hamstrings and it HURT while he was working on them but now it feels better.  I am trying to decide what to do today.  The plan is for 16 but I don't know if that is wise.  Should I give the leg another day?  8 today, 8 tomorrow? Right now is it very windy which isn't fun to run in anyway.  My marathon is 8 weeks from today and my longest run to date is only 14 miles.  I keep telling myself that I want to make it to the marathon.  I'm not trying for any kind of goal this time except a reasonable time, not too much over 4 hours but not trying to break 4 hours.  I was going to do 2 20 milers but may adjust and only do 1 if I skip the 16 miler this week. 
AND...there's another thing that is driving me crazy and making it difficult to not go running.
Last summer when I pulled my hamstring 3 times and my mileage went wayyyyyyy down for 4-5 months I also gained some weight and then the holidays came and I ended up with a few more pounds.  My clothes didn't fit right anymore, my jeans were tight, my favorite pair just plain didn't fit anymore and I bought a very cheap (even cheaper than usual) pair of jeans to wear until I get this weight back off.  I am embarrassed to say that I am still wearing that pair of jeans.  The idea to run this spring marathon was to force me to get the weight off.  I am doing it!!  I'm down about 6 lbs now and about 6 more to go!!!!  (OMG, it's soooo embarrassing to admit that I gained 12 lbs.)  So, now that I am not running as much I am freaking out about the weight again. 
The more I hear the wind howling outside the easier my decision is getting to be.
My 18 & 21 yr old kids think they need Easter baskets so I have to run to town today.  I'm not getting them a bunch of candy.  I am getting them things like microwave popcorn, crackers, individual pkgs of cookies, microwave mac & cheese. Things that aren't the junkiest kind of junk foods but things they can take back to college with them. 

I suppose I should also do some homework too. 

WOW, in the time I have been writing this the wind has died down but now it is sprinkling.  Skipping running is looking like a better idea all the time!  I already mixed my gatorade and Luna recovery drink but they are in the refrigerator and will keep till tomorrow, right!!


Another month has passed so now there are only 9 months until New Years Eve in New York City!!!  If my sister is reading this--hope you're doing some running!!

March was my highest mileage month so far this year.  I ran 119.6 miles!!  The highest mileage week was the 22nd-28th with 31.  My longest run was 14 miles on the 18th.  1 race, a 5K on the 14th.
I broke in a new pair of shoes on my 10 miler the 27th.
During March I ran in a lot of snow, icy trails, muddy trails (same trails different days), raining, snowing, sun shining.  I ran in 3 top layers and 2 bottom layers along with hat and gloves as well as shorts and short sleeves and every clothing combination in between!
My hamstrings cooperated nicely until the 27th during my 10 miler.  My left leg began hurting, I slowed down, did run/walk for several miles but I was able to finish the 10 miles.  I didn't run again until the 31st and only 2 miles then.  It was my right hamstring that I pulled 3 times last year, so what's up with this? Does the opposite side always want to have the same experiences as the other side?
I ran the first day of the month in snow and took pictures that day.  The last day of March was sunny, warm, no snow anymore and I was wearing shorts and short sleeves!  I only ran 2 miles but I was dripping with sweat!!  

School in March:
I had one midterm exam and I aced it!!! 98%!!
I got called a "know-it-all" in computer class! That's so funny because when it comes to computers I have never claimed to know anything much less know it all!  I'm not a know it all I just do the work! The kid who called me that is so far behind in the work. 

That's about it for March.  I'm glad it is warming up now but most of all I am glad that it's another month closer to NYE in NYC!!!!!!!

Signs with misspellings


1. the act of spelling incorrectly

2. an incorrectly spelled word

I've always been amused by signs.   Yesterday I saw two funny signs.  One of them was on a sign in front of an elementary school.  I couldn't believe that nobody had noticed it.  Teachers drive in and out every day.  

  I sure hope the kids have a good sprig break! 

I am glad my kids didn't go to that school!



Later I saw another sign but was not able to take a picture.  It was a hand painted sign that said:  "Chihuahua puppeys for sale".  Would you buy a dog from this person???  I wish I could have taken a picture of that sign but there was no way that I could.  I don't know if they spelled chihuahua right, I looked it up for this post.  I don't remember seeing the 2nd and 3rd h's in it but I can't say for sure.  I definitely know it said "puppeys".  

This is a sign right here in Jackson, MI.  I saw this during the winter on my way to the gym one day.  It was still there a few days later when I had my camera. 

 If they didn't know how to spell laboratory why didn't they just say "lab"????

I, Runner Nerd, try to be a good speller.  I proofread everything at least 3 times.  If anyone ever notices a spelling error PLEASE point it out to me!!!  (sometimes I do use slang type words in my blog, such as: gonna, gotta, runnin, hafta, etc)  Runner Nerd's brain takes a break occasionally!!