Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Day of the Year, The Last Oppurtunity to accumulate mileage in 2009

Here it is, the last day of 2009.  Can you believe we have completed 10 years in the 2000s already?? Hard to believe.  It seems like it wasn't that long ago when people were panicking and stockpiling food and stuff because we didn't know what was going to happen when the year changed from 1999 to 2000. 
Well, after the 5K I am running tonight I will finish the year with 1021 miles!  This is the fourth year I ran over 1000 miles. 
Tonight I have 1021 miles, tomorrow I have ZERO.  It's time to start all over again.  My new log book is standing ready and waiting to be written in!!

Three of my Thursday night running groupies are going to be running in this race too!!  One of them is inviting the rest of us to her house for dinner!!

My daughter is having a few friends over.  She has been busy cleaning the place up!!
Tomorrow one of the trainers at the gym is having a group run.  He said 7 miles but asked if anyone was interested in going 10 so I said I would but I don't know what is planned. He will most likely have 2 or 3 short loops planned so people can drop out when they want to. 

Happy New Year and Happy Running to anyone who may happen to read this!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

20 degrees and dark and yes I was fully aware of it!

Tonight while running I was asked if I was aware that it was 20 degrees and dark.  I was wearing my winter running gear, a hat, gloves, a reflective vest and a light strapped around my head so not only was I aware of the temperature and the darkness I was properly outfitted for it.  I just love those kinds of questions!! 
The Thursday night running group ran on Tuesday again this week since Thursday is a holiday.  We ran from the store to a car dealership 2 miles away.  A radio station was broadcasting live from the car dealership and was inviting people to drop in and enter to win hockey tickets and they were giving away gift certificates for various restaurants, massages and hair salons.  I got a certificate for a massage!!  I know this place has some good sports massage therapists!  One of our group won the hockey tickets!!  He got a call shortly after we got back to the store!!  

Monday, December 28, 2009

EWWWW something stinks!

It's my running clothes....but they are clean.... I just washed them....but they smell like I smell after a long sweaty run.
Oh dear, what's a girl to do?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

1000 miles!!!!!

I didn't even realize it but I passed 1000 miles on Thursday morning!!
I ran 10 miles earlier today.  Maybe I should say I covered 10 miles on foot as it was more like waddling!  I ate soooooo much yesterday.  Garmie says 1141 calories burned today so that might cover the ice cream.
This was one of those days that I wish I carried a camera running.  When I was just getting started it was snowing.  It was bright and sunny and the big white snow flakes just looked so cool!  There was a dusting of snow on the ground of the wooded trail I started on and the snowflakes floating around and the very cold looking, fast moving river beside me made for a very scenic run.  It snowed on and off during my run.  The wooden bridges and boardwalks were slippery but the rest of the trails were good.  I stepped in a deep puddle about 2.5 miles in and my left foot got wet.  I had to turn around and go back on one of the trails because it was completely under water at one point.  It is a boardwalk that goes over a stream and today the water was covering the boardwalk. 
It was around 25 degrees.  My winter running gear keeps me warm but as soon as I stop running I am freezing.  I went to the restroom after I finished running and as soon as I came out of the building and started walking to my car I was freezing and ended up running to the car.  The fancy wicking clothes keep your skin dry as you are running but as soon as you stop all that sweat that somehow comes to the outside all goes right back through to the inside and it is ice cold! 
I wore the hat my sister gave me for Christmas.  It works! My head was warm, the inside of the hat was dry and the outside was soaked when I took it off, that's how it's supposed to be! 
Well, I need a nap but I also need to attempt to get my house back to normal too.  My daughter and I may go to a movie tonight too.  Just sitting back and watching a good movie sounds so relaxing right now! 
runner of 1000 miles!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh Holy Night

And she brought forth her firstborn, a son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn.
And there were in the same country shephards abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flocks by night.
And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them and the glory of the Lord shone around about them and they were sore afraid.
And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold,  I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be for all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly hosts praising God, and saying,
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010 races

Several of the running bloggers I follow have now posted their planned race schedule for next year.  Do I dare??  I will try to do the same by the end of the year.  I am afraid that as soon as I do something like write out a list of the races I want to do next year for the world to see my hamstring will laugh in my face and decide to pull again.  I hope not, I've had enough of that. 

The Thursday night running group ran tonight since Thursday will be Christmas Eve.  I ran 6 miles.  I don't know if I will get another run in between now and Christmas.  I want to do a long run the day after Christmas, at least 12 miles.  I'm still thinking about where I want to go to do it.  I am now only 15 miles away from 1000 for the year!!!!  I could do it this week!!
After running I went shopping.  I figured I should probably give my children something on Christmas.  I told them that their college educations are their christmas presents this year!  Gifts are very practical at our house this year.
It's bed time, I'm exhausted!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I rated my professor!!

During this semester I found out about a website called rate my professor dot com.  I'd never heard of it before.  I looked up the professors I've had classes with since going back to college.  I found out that people either love or hate my Bio professor, nothing in between.  I liked him; I liked the class; I actually wanted to go to class.  I just put a rating up for him!!  I gave him a good one. 

Family Christmas Get-Together

Today we went to a family get together at the home of relatives in Ohio.  We had a drive of about 1.5 hours.  I took my Detroit Free Press to read on the way.  I sure learned a lot on my way to the relatives today!
I read that the former Mayor assistant/mistress is making payments of $245 per month to pay off the fines ($100,000) she was charged; she has yet to find a new job and is living on savings and help from family to support 9 and 11 yr old children.  She has been considered for some good jobs but was not hired for fear of the publicity that could happen.
I learned that there is a company in Livonia that puts up christmas lights at homes and businesses then takes it all down and packages it all for storage in January.  It costs $600-$1000 for a home.  WOW!  They have customers all over the state.
I read an article about Diagnostic Medical Sonographer training programs. This is a career field that is growing and in demand.  Most programs have waiting lists for students to get in.  (There were a lot of students in my Human Bio class who were planning to go into the DMS program. )
UM is starting a new weekend MBA program for people who work full time.  They will attend classes Friday evening after work and all day Saturday two weekends per month for 2 years.  
I learned that holiday sales are still a bit lacking and the sales of gift cards are expected to be high this week.  Stores like gift cards since most people will spend at least a little more than the value of the gift card.  Yep, done that!
I saw pictures of the home of the captain of the Detroit Red Wings decorated for Christmas swedish style.  It's very pretty, kind of makes me want to do some decorating here.
I learned that there is a nicotine vaccine in the works.  The article told the story of one man in the trial who had great results.  He received a shot once a month for five months.  After the first shot he was already not craving anymore and cigarettes no longer tasted good, burned and gave him headaches.  That was 3 years ago and he has not smoked since.  It's not on the market yet and another study is starting at the end of this year.  WOW!  I know so many people who wish they could quit smoking.
MSU is building a new art museum.
An endangered gray wolf was killed in the Upper Peninsula, the DNR and USFWS are investigating.
Michigan is third in Christmas tree production. (Oregon 1st, N Carolina 2nd)

I learned something I never knew--there is a state song called "Michigan, My Michigan"  The words were printed in the paper:

A song to thee, fair state of mine,
Michigan, my Michigan.
But greater song than this is thine,
Michigan, my Michigan.

The thunder of the inland sea,
The whisper of the towering tree,
United in one grand symphony,
Michigan, my Michigan.

I sing a song of all the best,
Michigan, my Michigan.
I sing a state with riches blessed,
Michigan, my Michigan.

The mines unmask a hidden store,
But richer thy historic lore,
More great the love thy builders bore,
Michigan, my Michigan.

Glow fair the bosom of they lakes,
Michigan, my Michigan.
What melody each river makes,
Michigan, my Michigan.

As to thy lakes thy rivers tend,
Thy exiled ones still to thee send
Devotion that shall never end,
Michigan, my Michigan.

Rich in the wealth that makes a state,
Michigan, my Michigan
Great in the things that make men great,
Michigan, my Michigan.

Eager the voice that sounds thy claim,
Under the golden roll of fame,
Willing the hand that writes the name,
Michigan, my Michigan.

Yes, I was happily reading my Detroit Free Press all the way there!  I have never had a problem reading in the car.
My sister who lives in California was there today!!  I haven't seen her since last Christmas.
My Grandma started a grab bag gift exchange years ago.  She thought there were just too many things bought and given and too much wrapping paper ripped up!  Grandma didn't like us ripping wrapping paper!  We are still doing this, Grandma died in 2001 but we never even considered not carrying on the tradition of grab bag gifts!  Grandma also gave everyone a brown grocery bag filled with all kinds of things and not always things you think of giving as Christmas gifts.  Some of the things I can remember being in our bags were things like catsup, thread, oranges, apples, potatoes, and even toilet paper!! (yes, I'm serious!)  Grandma was in assisted living and a nursing home the last 7 years of her life so the brown bags stopped during that time but not the grab bag.  Grandma was at my house for the family Christmas parties every year to preside over the grab bag festivites!  The year after my Grandma died my Aunt wanted to bring back the brown bags.  We do it differently now, my Aunt passes out  the brown bags and we all contribute things.  Some of the things that landed in the bags this year were small packs of kleenex, tea bags, cocoa mix, dishcloths that my aunt made, popcorn, and lots of other stuff.  (No toilet paper this year but there has been times that toilet paper has appeared in the bags!!!! )
One thing the family Christmas parties has never lacked is food!  I ate way too much today.  Good thing I get to start going to my Tuesday morning running group again this week!  I sure have missed it and now I really need it!

info from Detroit Free Press. 20 December 2009. Print edition. Sections A,B,C,D.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Running log books

I got my new running log book yesterday.  Here it is with 52 weeks of blank pages, 52 blank weekly mileage and year to date miles boxes, a blank shoe page, 3 blank pages of "rave runs" and 5 pages of blank race reports.  Blank pages all waiting to be filled with my running mileage, cross training, race reports and hopefully NO injury reports followed by days or weeks of blank days like a few times this year.  I'm looking at my current book with only 1 full week left in it.  In the front cover it says: Journal for the year ______to______.  I wrote Jan. 1, 2009 in the first space.  I REMEMBER DOING THAT like it was yesterday!  I put my race bibs in the back and I stick the D-tags on the inside of the back cover when I ran a race that used them.  I wonder if anyone else does that.  Hard to believe this book is just about full. 
I have tried a couple different online running logs, for awhile I tried to keep one that is on the Runner's World website but I didn't keep up with it.  I like using the log book and writing in it with a pen, would that be considered "old school"???  Oh well, it works for me.  I can just grab the book and write, no waiting for the computer to turn on, web site to load, clicking in each box, saving, etc.  I can pick it up and look up things like my time in a race or whatever.  I'm sticking with it!!  I like the one put out by Runner's World.

Today I ran 7 miles with a group of people at the gym.  It wasn't as cold as I thought it was.  I wore my Underarmour coldgear shirt and was too warm.  It had snowed some overnight, enough to make it difficult in places.  I stepped in a big slushy puddle and splashed all over the front of my legs.  I have 20 miles for the week and am right on track to hit 1000 miles before the end of the year!  I doubt I will do any running tomorrow, we have to go to a family get together in Ohio.  My sister from California is flying in tomorrow morning!!  I haven't seen her in about a year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday night running group

Every Thursday night I run with a group.  We meet at the running store, whoever shows up, and we run.  We have fun.
Tonight we ran through a couple of subdivisions that are near the running store and called it a Christmas Light Run.  We did see some really nicely decorated houses and yards.  One house had a pine tree in the yard done in blue lights, it was so cool.  When we returned to the store we had chili and other food and we watched the Grinch movie.  One of the group members who sings opera sang a few songs for us too, that was nice and we all enjoyed it. 

Today was my last class of the semester!  I am oficially done!  I got 4.0 in both classes so I am one extremely happy little nerd right now!!  I have 3 weeks off until next semester starts.  I am going to try to get some cleaning done in my house and my car.  My car looks like I live in it.  I need this break!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's official

I got my final grade for Human Bio class, I got my 4.0!!!!  I got the highest grade on the final! 
I didn't do much today, my first day of freedom!!  I spent some time with my niece whom I haven't seen in over a month. 
I have to go to my english class tomorrow, I'm not sure why as we are all done with everything and there is no written final.  The teacher said it's a scheduled class so there has to be class.  Oh well. 

I got the books for one of my classes of next semester used from someone who just finished the class.  It is a computer class, intro to computers.  There are 2 huge, heavy books that I will have to lug around in my backpack.  I got them for half the price they are selling for in the bookstore and I was looking through them and there is no writing in them, they are like new!!  My other class, medical terminology, is switching to a new edition of the textbook so I will not be able to buy a used book from anyone. 

Tomorrow night is a Christmas Party after running group!  I just finished making some really yummy white chocolate/cranberry brownie thingys!!  I will make a crock pot of chili tomorrow before going to class.  We are going to run through some subdivisions that are near the running store and call it a christmas light run then go back to the store for food! We are also going to watch a Christmas movie, I'm not sure which one.  Should be fun. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Final Exam

It's over! I took my only final exam today.  The teacher said the grades would be posted within 2 hours (and they were the other times we had exams) but they aren't.  This is torture. 
After class I celebrated completing this class by RUNNING!!  I ran 10 miles.  I changed at the gym and took off from there to the paved trail then ran till Garmie said I'd run 5 miles and turned around and headed back.  About the time I turned around the temperature really dropped and the trail started getting icy.  I felt like I was running on a treadmill when I wasn't.  I ran along the edge when I could.  My hamstring had it's moments but it backed down and behaved when I told it to!  Yes, I talk to my hamstring muscles sometimes.  (what? doesn't everyone??)

This evening I saw the movie, "Blind Side".  It was good, I enjoyed it.  I never realized that it was a true story until the end when they showed pictures of the real people. 

I can hardly believe that I don't have any homework to do!!!  This is great!  I have 3 weeks off then it starts all over again. 

This is it

In 7.5 hours I take the final exam
I sure hope I remember everything I studied today

when it's all over Runner Nerd is gonna put aside the Nerd and become just Runner for about 1.5 hrs!!

ok, time for some sleep

 Runner Nerd

Sunday, December 13, 2009

18 more down, 34.3 to go!!

Ran 18 miles this week so I only need 34.3 more to hit 1000 for the year!
I studied at the Library today.  There was something going on at the theater which is in the building right next to the library, that parking lot was full and the lot in front of the library had a lot of cars in it when I got there, I had to park way out which is unusual for a Sunday.  When I came out of the library 3.5 hrs later the lots were nearly empty and my car was wayyyyyy out there all by itself! 

Friday night at the party for my running group the boyfriend of one of the ladies proposed during the gift exchange!!  I have never seen anyone propose in real life before.  We do a gift exchange where we all bring a gift then we do the draw numbers thing and pick a gift when our number is called.  One of the gifts was a banner rolled up and when the person who picked it opened it there was a note on it that said something like get a friend to help you unroll this.  It was a long banner asking her to marry him.  She had her back turned and was talking to someone as the rest of us were figuring out what it said!!  It was really cool and she said yes and he gave her a ring!!  They have been together for a long time.  oh, yeah, the person who picked that "gift" then got to pick a real gift!!  It was the highlight of the night!!

Tomorrow is my last day to study for my Bio final then I take the test Tuesday at 11 then I am DONEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  I will wear my running clothes under sweats and go for a wonderful long run after class on Tuesday!!!!!!!  After my run I will check online for my grade, gotta love it, within 2 hours after taking an exam the grades are posted online!!  

Friday, December 11, 2009

10 degrees, windy & 11 nutty people out running in the dark

10 degrees, windy, 11 nutty people running on the sidewalk along Jackson Rd. wearing reflective vests and headlamps.  Yep, that's normal. 
It was COLD out there.  I wore a new pair of Asics winter tights that I bought in the middle of summer at a big sidewalk sale at the running store.  I like them, they fit good and they look ok on me but I'm not sure if they are as warm as my Underarmour Coldgear tights.  We just did a simple out and back on Jackson Rd tonight.  The "out" went fine, the "back" was into the wind.  My face felt like after dental work!  Right now the thought of training for a spring marathon isn't very appealing.   Maybe we are getting all the nasty weather out of the way now and come February it will be 30s to 40s, no snow and sunny!!  Yeah, right.  If I do decide to do  Bayshore, Feb 6 is the day I need to start the training but there is that little detail of base building between now and then.  I JUST DON'T KNOW. 
In other things...
Today I gave my presentation in my English class.  I got a 100%!!!! (within the next couple days I'm going to make a blog post of my presentation subject, it's an interesting story of a woman who was ahead of her time in the 1930s)  I will get a 4.0 for the class!! I also got my writing portfolio back.  I got 100% on that too.  (300 of 300 points)  My teacher wrote that I should write "in your own voice" more.  I'm not really sure what he means.  I am not a good writer and never have been.  I am glad that class is done even though we still have to go next Thursday.  My final in Human Bio is Tuesday and that class will be done, the teacher isn't holding class on Thursday.  As of right now I have 99.3 in Bio so as long as I don't have a total disaster on the final I will end up with a 4.0 in that class too!  I have some studying to do this weekend.

Tomorrow night is the Holiday party for the running group that I've had to miss out on this semester.  I found a great gift for the gift exchange, it's a necklace with a little running girl on it!!  It is so cool.  
Next Thursday night we are having a Christmas party at the running store after the group run.  We are going to do a short run through a couple of subdivisions that are near the store (Christmas light gawking) then back to the store for FOOD!!!!!!!!!! We are also going to watch the Grinch movie.  It will be fun.  I just hope the running store remembers to put something in the weekly e-newsletter next week; they forgot to this week.
That's about it for now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mission almost accomplished

Today was my last lab for Human Bio class and I could not be happier!!  I said goodbye to the kitty I've been disecting for 10 weeks.  I am very disappointed in myself, I missed 3 on the test we had in lab today so my grade is 94.  My overall grade was 98.5 and with this 94 it will bring my grade down to 97.8.  I know that's not tragic or anything, I still have a 4.0 for the class.  Oh well, I have to get past it and study for the final which is next Tuesday. 
To celebrate being done with lab and the final lab test being over I went for a 7 mile trail run!!  I didn't run very fast but I ran and my hamstring never hurt.  It snowed on and off while I was running, that's the first time running in snow this season.  I really enjoyed my run and I am 7 miles closer to my goal of 1000 by the end of the year!!  (I think I now have 46 to go)
My daughter had all of her finals yesterday and today and she is now home until the end of the first week of January, over a month.  I still have another week and there goes my quiet house. 
It's snowing.  We are getting our first snow of the season.  My daughter and I went to town earier in the evening and on our way home we saw 2 cars slide into the median or ditch, typical on the first snowfall of the season.  People seem to forget that you have to slow down when it snows and becomes slippery.

OK, I am off to bed.  This college student nerd runner is exhausted and has an oral presentation to finish up for Thursday English class. Yippie.  That is another class I will be very happy about finishing.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last Lab!!!!

Yayyyyyyyyyy!!  Tomorrow is my last lab in Human Bio class!!!  Well, actually it's today, just realized it's Tuesday now! 
I believe I am ready for the test.
After school I go running!!!!!! 
Time for some sleep now. 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Octogenarian Marathoner

I stumbled upon an article about a dude who is 80 years young and still running marathons!  He recently ran his 456th marathon and he didn't even start running until he was 51 years old!! WOW!  That is an average of 15 per year!  The article says his record is 24 in one year. GEEZ, that's 2 per month! I couldn't even run without pain for 7 weeks after my last marathon.  (makes one wonder why I'd want to do it again!)  He ran a marathon ON his 80th birthday even!!
His first marathon time was 3:53:45, that's faster than I've ever run one.  His PR was at age 58 with 3:00:12. WOWWWW!!  He has run 10 Bostons with a PR of 3:04:25, also at age 58. (only a week after the 3 hour PR!)  He's been slowing down these days; the last time he ran a sub 4 hour marathon was in 2003 at age 73 (3:59:01).  His fastest marathon of 2009 (so far, he still has 2 more to run this year) was 5:22:19.  He is running Boston in 2010 according to the article.  The qualifying time for 80 years is 5 hours so he must have qualified late in 2008 at a race that was a qualifier for 2010.  For having run 456 marathons he's only run them in 37 different states. The author of the article said he is in "octogenarian overdrive"!!  I guess so!  This dude is not spending his retirement in a rocking chair!
YOU ROCK, Bob Dolphin!!  Go kick age group butt at Boston 2010!!!!!!

Christmas Parade

Last night I drove an ambulance in a Christmas parade in one of the small towns in our service area.  
Each year on the night of the parade and the tree lighting in the park they put out luminaries made from milk jugs along both sides of main street.  A couple years ago I drove through the town on that night and saw them.  It is really something to see, very beautiful.   When I was on my way to work it was still light out but the luminaries were sitting out along the street.  They look funny when it's light, they look like milk jugs!! When it is dark and they have a candle burning inside them they don't look like milk jugs.  I took a few pictures when  I was stopped during the parade.  I was driving very slow and had to stop a lot since the float in front of me included people walking.  There were a lot of kids walking in it too so it moved slow like most parades do.  The luminaries show in the pictures but it's not as pretty as seeing them.  I love luminaries and candles.  My kids say I have an obsession with fire because I like to light lots of candles.  One year we had a hayride party and I had carved a bunch of jack-o-lanterns and had them around the yard and I had orange luminaires around the area where we had a fire going.  I tried to do the same thing the next year but it was too windy and they wouldn't stay lit.  I usually put luminaries along our driveway on Christmas eve, sometimes they stay lit and sometimes they don't.
I posted the pictures I took of the luminaries, hopefully they show up enough.  I also posted a pic of one of the fire trucks with christmas lights on it!  It was blocking the street where all the paraders entered the street from the staging area in shopping center parking lot.
I'm not very good at doing this, I don't know how to arrange the pictures but this isn't quite what I had in mind!!  I have a computer class next semester, who knows maybe I will become more tech-savvy! ha ha! 

I feel like lighting candles now!!