Sunday, March 28, 2010

Library day

If anyone is looking for me I will be at the JCC Library from the time it opens till the time it closes.
What an exciting life!

I am so glad that I did my long run yesterday.  It was sunny and in the low 40s.  Today it is dreary, rainy and cold.  That's how it goes in Michigan. 

No running today to rest and repair the sore hamstring.  It is better today but still a bit sore, I know it's there.

Off to the Library.

Runner Nerd
all nerd today

Saturday, March 27, 2010

9 weeks till Marathon Day

I got my confirmation this week, I got into the marathon I want to run this spring!  It filled up really fast and I didn't make the decision to commit fast enough.  They opened some more spots through some running stores, one of which is where I run every Thursday night.  They told me I could have one of the spots and told me I was in quite a while ago and last week finally asked for a check.   
My week went pretty good until today's run.  Wednesday I ran 3 miles between classes in shorts and short sleeve shirt then Thursday night it was back to long tights and a winter shirt, headband and gloves.  I ran 7.6 with the running group and that went well.  Friday after work I ran 4 miles in a park, also in tights and a long sleeve shirt. 
This week was my drop back week, I only ran 10 miles for my long run today.  It was in the low 40s and sunny so I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  It started out good then I started feeling little twinges in my left hamstring. (it was my right side I pulled 3 times last summer)  It started to get quite sore and I slowed down and concentrated on my form but it kept at it.  I even resorted to run/walk for a few miles and it seemed to help.  It didn't seem to be as bad so I ran the last 2 miles of my first 7 mile loop without walking.  I considered cutting my run short at 7 but after drinking some gatorade at the car I set off for the last 3 miles.  I decided to run on some dirt trails and that made my hamstring hurt really bad.  I got back on paved trails and finished up.  When I got home and got out of the car and stood up my hamstring really hurt.  The 3 steps up to the door were horrible.  I can't believe this.  I have 9 weeks till this marathon.  I am going to rest it tomorrow, I have a lot of homework to do anyway.  I will probably just go to the library to work. 

I don't believe this, I am finally beginning to run decent again and I start pulling hamstrings again.  I still don't run as fast as I did before the pulls last summer but I was getting there. 
Oh, I almost forgot-I wore new shoes today!!  Awhile back I got a new pair of shoes because there was a big sale at the running store and all shoes were discounted that weekend.  I decided to wear them today but when looking back through my log book from last year when I got the old shoes up until now I realized they were past 500 miles.  I haven't had any trouble, usually the first sign they are worn out is my feet hurt during a run but that hasn't happened.  I knew these would last longer (time-wise) than usual because my mileage went way down during my hamstring pulling fiasco last summer/fall. 

Ok, I guess I am going to go try to lay down.  This is weird whenever I straighten my leg out it really hurts. 

Runner Nerd
all nerd tomorrow, no running :(

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Garmy is ALIVE!!!!!!

Ok, I really had a scare today!!  After work I went to the park to run, changed my clothes, turned on Garmy, got signal, cleared my last run, started her and off we went running!  When I looked down when I was nearing 2 miles out there was nothing on the screen.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!   I know that when I ran yesterday there was 7 hours battery left and I only ran 30 minutes.  It was raining but I have worn that thing in the rain many times.  I've run 2 twenty mile runs in rain, one of them it poured the whole entire 3 hrs, 20 mins I was running and it worked fine.  The only thing I could think was that maybe I didn't turn it off yesterday after I ran.  I thought I did.  I remember looking at it and thinking that I didn't even want to look at my splits.  I ran 3 miles yesterday and I was stiff and really never got going very fast.  It took me 30 minutes. I remember taking it off and looking at it and deciding not to look at the mile splits and I thought I turned it off.  I had no idea how long it was on before it went off today. 
I put it on the charger when I got home and it flashed "battery charging in progress" as usual so I was hopeful.  I just checked it and it said "battery charging complete" so I took it off and turned it on and it worked!!!  It was on for .76 mile.  I must not have turned it off yesterday and it must have had a little something in there to turn on for a few minutes today.  I am very happy that Garmy is alive and well!!!!!!  I don't remember when I got it but I've had it for a long time.  It's the 201; the black rectangular shaped style.  
So, now that I got that out of the way- it was chilly but pretty nice during the morning and early afternoon while I was working and I couldn't wait to get out of work and go running.  As soon as I was done and was leaving (2:30) it started raining and it felt colder.  figures.  I had serious thoughts of not going running but I decided to drive over to the park and maybe it would stop raining but it didn't.  I changed my clothes and took off.  I'm glad I ran, I really am but I can't say it was fun.  There were a lot of ducks out today, they were out of the water on the trail (paved trail).  They were making a lot of noise too so I am assuming that the girl ducks have laid their eggs.  (I don't really know that but the way they started making a lot of noise as I would approach makes me think that.)  They were being very brave today and not moving of to the side of the pavement.  So, the ducks added some entertainment and made it bearable!  I was close enough to them today to see that the water beads up on their feathers.  I saw several other runners out there too and that always motivates me.  I like seeing others doing the same thing.  I wasn't the only nutty person out in the rain getting soaked!  I was soaked when I finished.  It wasn't a hard or pouring rain, just a light steady rain.  Maybe I felt more soaked than I was because it was chilly and the rain drops were cold.  I don't know.  I am glad that I grabbed some dry clothes this morning and put them in my backpack.  I got in the car, turned it on and the heat on high and got in the back seat and changed into my dry clothes.  It felt so good but I was still freezing. 
As I was walking back in the parking lot from the trail a car was pulling in to park right next to mine. The whole entire parking lot had very few cars in it and mine was the only one on the entire side I was parked on but this dude pulls right up next to me.  I figured he was going to go for a walk or something.  NO.  He gets out and begins doing something with his windshield wipers.  So, I am standing in my open door and he is behind me fiddling with the wiper and I start the car and then proceed to climb in the back door and change my clothes (yes, everything!)  The back windows are tinted but he probably could have looked in through the front window.  I don't think he did, he was really busy with those wipers.  He was still fiddling with them when I climbed into the front seat!  I have no clue if he was aware that there was a woman stripping in the car right next to where he was standing!  (I'm convinced that tinted windows were invented for changing clothes in the car!)
I was cold all the way home even though I had the heat on.  My HOT shower felt sooooo good! 

Well, I am tired.  My brain has had enough school work for tonight.  I have lots more of it to do tomorrow.

Runner Nerd
happy that Garmy is alive

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What happened to spring?

After running all week in shorts and short sleeves it was back to tights, long sleeves, headband and gloves today.
I ran 5.5 miles on the roads around where I live today.  I had a slow start but things got better, Mile 4 & 5 were much faster than any of the others. 
If I am going to run a marathon in 10 weeks at anywhere near a 9 minute mile I am going to have to really get to work.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Better the Day After

I feel normal again!!  I must have been worn out, I slept 9 solid hours without waking up, not even to use bathroom!! That is very unusual. 
Thinking back, I probably did not eat enough yesterday during the day, especially protein.  I also think I should have drank more often and sooner than I did.  I never drank until 6 miles.  I ate 1/2 of the package of sport beans and water at 7 -7.5 miles.  I remember where I drank and am guessing at the mileage.  I drank some water around 10 miles and gatorade around 12 miles. I intended to mix up 4-6 oz of accelerade which has protein & carbs to drink before running but I lost track of my time and ended up rushing to get going on time so that never happened. 
I have the Nathan 2 bottle belt.  Each bottle holds 10 oz.  This is one thing about running that I don't like.  I like to just go out and run, nothing around my waist, nothing to think about like how much how often to drink,etc.  I guess I should have never become involved in distance running!! 
I'm not sore today, I thought I would not even be able to get out of bed this morning judging by how everything hurt last night.  Last night just before going to bed I came back downstairs and it felt like after running a marathon when you need to go down stairs backwards; I'm glad that wasn't the case this morning! 

Well, I have some errands to run so I better get going.  I'm just happy to report that I feel much better today!!!

Runner Nerd

Thursday, March 18, 2010

WHERE was my runner's high tonight??

I ran 14 tough miles tonight.  I was done at mile 9 but I stuck it out.  It was tough.  I don't know what happened to my runner's high tonight.  If it was ever there it left at mile 9. Two of us Thursday night runners started 45 minutes early and ran 14.  The others had all run, returned and left by the time we got back.
It was a beautiful day for a run, low 60s, sunny, shorts and short sleeve weather.  I wore my water bottle belt with one bottle filled with water and the other with Gatorade Endurance.  When I dug the bottle belt out I found a package of Sport Beans and an expired GU in it!!!  I threw the Gu out, it expired 8/09.  I know it was probably just fine.  I took the sport beans.  I ate some of the around mile 7.  I don't know if they did any good.  Everything hurt tonight.  My calves, quads, hamstrings, feet, stomach on and off.  I guess it just wasn't my night.
Isn't running the most fun thing in the world!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to go do it again!!!!!!!!
I had to concentrate on the drive home to stay awake.  I do not feel like eating at all.  I ate a baked potato and a chocolate Clif bar.  That's quite a combination!!  I'm sooooooo tired so I'm just gonna go to bed now.  I'm not even going to upload my run to Garmin Connect until tomorrow.

Runner Nerd

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Midterm over with. Yippie!

I aced my midterm exam!!!  I know that I got 100% on 2 parts of the test.  I won't know my final grade till a few days from now.  There were 3 parts, one was where we had to write words and definitions and the teacher has to correct that.  That part alone was 120 questions.  The 2nd part was where we had to read a list of medical terms to the teacher one on one and they have to be pronounced perfectly and I got all of those right.  The 3rd part was 100 questions of multiple choice that were answered on a scan sheet and she ran them through right after class and I waited to see what I got and on that part I also got all of them right!!  I'm glad it is over.  Last week was spring break so I have been studying for this thing for two weeks. 

After class I stopped at Blockbuster and rented a DVD and I'm going to watch that now, I just want to relax.  I am even going to pop some popcorn!!! 

Runner Nerd
all nerd today!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today was the first time I've run in shorts and sleeveless shirt outdoors in 2010!!!!!!  It was in the mid 50s!  I had to work for a few hours then I went to Gallup Park to run.  I was thinking I'd run 4 miles since I needed to get home and study for my midterm exam but I got going and ended up running 7.5 miles!!  It was just soooooo nice to see the ground that I was running on, even in the woods!!!  The parks in springtime are really pretty.  They are also very entertaining!!  I think it's mating season for the ducks and geese!!  They were noisy and chasing each other around, or I assume the males were chasing the females!!!  I know I won't get to run tomorrow since I'm in school all day. 
My brain hurts from studying.  I just want my midterm to be over already.  After running I came home, showered and headed to the college library to study. 
I'm too tired to write any more right now.  

Runner Nerd

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am Embarrassed

Yep, I'm embarrassed with my 5K efforts today.  I ran the slowest 5k I've ever run.  Even my very first 5K was 30 seconds faster than today.  I didn't feel like doing it.  I haven't done any speed work since last fall, the hamstring pulls limited speed work all last summer.  It was never quite the same after the muscle pulls.  I really didn't even try today.  I wasn't even hurting and out of breath when I finished.  I remember my first 5K; I had 28:55 and I thought I was going to die and didn't think I could ever do that again.
   Today I started way back toward the back.  The walkers were supposed to line up on a side street and come onto the street the race started on after all the runners passed by the side street but I think most of them missed that detail.  I can't believe how many times I almost came to a stop because of walkers.  Big groups of runners would get backed up.  Most of the first mile was very slow.  No, I didn't belong right up at the starting line but I should have been closer than I was.  It was chilly today.  It was in the low 40s and had rained most of the night and early morning.  One of my Thursday night running buddy's car dealership is a major sponsor for the race and he had some vehicles on display and those of us from the running group were able to stash our jackets and pants that we wore over our running clothes just minutes before lining up.   I wore my knee-length tights with a long sleeve running shirt from an old race with a short sleeve shirt under it. I wished that I had worn my headband; my ears were freezing.  Gloves would have been nice too.  I didn't think I'd need gloves with the temp in the 40s.  Everyone got a beer glass with the name of the race on it for finishing and Blue Care Network was passing out re-usable grocery bags.  When I looked at it later I realized it's a really good bag, it's a bit bigger than the other ones I have.  I really like it and will use it so that's good. 
    After the race I went to a park and ran 2.5 more miles.  (I wore my headband and gloves)  I was going to run 4 but needed to get back home before my daughter left to go back to college.
    I ended up with 28.5 miles for the week.  I am happy with the 12 mile run Thursday night. 

Runner Nerd

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy, muddy run

I am not one of those people who just love running in the rain.  Nope.  I despise it.  I had to pick up a race packet today so I went to a park and ran before going to get the packet.  It rained lightly but steady the whole entire time.  One good thing is that the snow is going away!!!  It was nice to be able to run along the paved trails without any snow and the wooded trails were clear but muddy.  Mud=spring so I don't mind.  I like getting my running shoes muddy too!  There were places in the trail through Argo woods where I sunk in.  Lots of branches have fallen from the trees and are laying all over.  I had to climb over a fallen tree that was laying across the path, I saw another tree that had fallen but was propped up against another tree.  When I got back to the car I noticed that my lower legs were muddy!  I wore my knee-length tights today.  I was soaked and once I stopped running was freezing.  It was 52 degrees when I started but the rain drops felt ice cold.  It took longer than usual to warm up, I was wishing I had dressed warmer but once I got going I was ok.  After running I changed my top half in the car and put on a tshirt and a really heavy sweatshirt which felt sooooo good (and dry!).  I went to pick up my packet with my wet hair, muddy shoes and legs!  Somebody commented that I wasn't taking the day off the day before the race!!  I had to laugh!  Taking today off from running wouldn't change a thing tomorrow.  I just can't run fast anymore and that's that.  I don't even feel like going and doing this 5K tomorrow.  Had it not been for the running store registering me for free because we did the race packets I wouldn't be doing it.  I'm just going to run however fast I feel like running then go to a park and run some more miles.  That will do me more good than trying to run fast for 3.1 miles. 
11 weeks from today is my marathon. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

12 miles

Last night I ran 12 miles!!  One other Thursday night groupie also ran 12.  Two others ran 8 miles with us then they made a right turn and took a short cut back to the store.  It was in the low 50s when we started but around 7 or 8 miles the temperature dropped and there were sprinkles in the last 2 miles. We had a route all planned out but had to make a last second change of plans about 7.5 miles into our run.  We were running down a dirt road and all of a sudden the road was flooded and it was deep and covered the entire road, there was no going around!  This meant that we were at only 11.2 miles when we returned to the running store so we had to keep right on running past which was not fun!   I was exhausted when we finished.  The running group prepared the packets for a 5K taking place this Sunday so I got started on that.  Pizza was provided for us, I had 2 pieces of ham & pineapple pizza which didn't sit well for some reason.  I could barely stay awake driving home and I also felt quite nauseous on the way home.   I was sore today.  The run really wiped me out.  I never did get out to run today.  I haven't decided where or when I'm running tomorrow as there is no group run at the gym tomorrow.  I'm running a 5K Sunday.  I will probably go to a park and run a few more miles after the race.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sandhill Crane sighting!!!!

I just saw the first Sandhill Cranes!!!  I saw two of them on M52 just north of Boyce Rd!!  It seems a bit early for them to be back but maybe that means that it's going to keep warming up from here on out!  I sure hope so.  After getting all excited about seeing the Sandhill Cranes a couple miles on down the road there were two ice fishermen out in the middle of Green Lake.  Sooooo, I have a sure sign of spring then a sure sign of winter....I'm soooooooo confoozed!!!!!!!  I guess I will have to patiently wait until I see a Robin for the first time then I can get excited. 

Well, I am at the library to study for midterms so I probably should do that! 

Runner Nerd
studying for midterms

Sunday, March 7, 2010

highest mileage week this year

I ran 28 miles this week which is the highest mileage week for the year so far. 
I also passed 200 miles this week. 
It was 45 degrees today!  I wore my shorter tights and just 1 shirt and it wasn't even a winter shirt, just a regular running shirt!  No hat or gloves needed either!  I know it's not going to last but it sure was nice. 

Runner Nerd

Saturday, March 6, 2010

February Recap

94 miles for the month.
Highest mileage week was 8th-24th with 27.5.
Lowest mileage week was 22nd-28th with 16.4.

Longest run was 10 miles on the 20th.

Temps ranged from the low teens to low 40s!!  I ran in deep snow numerous times and also mud this last week as the snow melts!  

I got TWO new pairs of running shoes on the 14th.  New winter trail running shoes and my next pair of Asics Gel Foundation 8s!  I also got a new winter shirt that day!! 

187 miles for the year as of Feb. 28.

I had 2 tests in computer class.  I got 97 and 100. 
In medical terminology I had 4 tests: 3 98s and a 99.

Runner Nerd
hoping for warmer days in March


It's spring break and they are back.  My kids, that is!  Don't get me wrong, I like my kids but I get used to not having them here.  This morning when I got up there were clothes on the bathroom floor that do not belong to me and a giant pile of clothes on the laundry room floor!  My son was here yesterday and I took him to the airport so he could go to visit my sister in Maryland for a few days.  He will be back Wednesday and then I will have to put up with the two of them together again.  My son is here most Saturday and Sunday nights so I see him a lot more than I do my daughter. 
On my way back from the airport I stopped to go running at Lower Huron Metropark since I was passing by the exit where it's located.  Was I ever stiff!!  It took about a mile to get loosened up. 

I went running with a group from the Y this morning.  We just did an easy 5 miler.  Most of the others were going to swim after the run.  It was 35 degrees and I was a bit overdressed.  I forget that when I run early in the day the temperature usually rises some while I am out running while, on the other hand, when I run later in the day the temperature usually drops during the run.  

Well, I need to get a bunch of running clothes washed while my daughter is gone with friends and not using the laundry room!  I haven't washed Thursday night's clothes yet!

Runner Nerd
empty nester with full nest again

Friday, March 5, 2010

10 miles with the amazing Thursday night runners!

WOW!!  I can't believe that I ran 10 miles tonight!!!  Yesterday one of the Thursday night group members put a message on our google group asking if anyone was interested in running 10 miles at a slower pace than our speedier long distance people.  I said I'd do it.  We started out a bit earlier than usual.  It went good.  The temp was in the mid 30s so not too bad.  The temp dropped somewhere around 6 or 7 miles.  I didn't need gloves!!
I felt good running.  I was getting tired by the last couple of miles but they weren't really tough like the last 2 miles of my last 10 mile run. 
Next week we will run shorter and then we will be putting together packets for a race the following Sunday which is a St. Patricks themed race, Shamrocks & Shenanigans.  We also get to run the race free for doing packets!!!  They have already registered us but I really don't feel like running a 5K.  I can't run very fast these days and it's really depressing to see times in the 26s next to my name when those times used to be in the 23s.  I will probably do what I did last year; I ran the race then went to a park and ran a few more miles.  The race is in downtown Ann Arbor and is a 2 loop course with a big hill on it.  That hill is steeper the 2nd time around, I don't know how they do that!!! 
Next week is spring break!!  I won't have to go to classes but I have work to do for both classes.  I have a midterm exam in one of my classes the week we go back.  Both of my kids will also be on break; they both come home tomorrow.  My son is going to spend a few days with my sister in Maryland.  (the same sister with whom I am going to NYC with for NYE and the Midnight Run in Central Park)  He has went to visit her on all but 1 of his spring breaks since he's been in college.  My friends don't believe me that my college kid goes and spends time with my sister and not run off to southern Florida with other college kids!  My sister keeps an eye on him too.  She works in Washington, DC and she will find things for him to do such as visiting senators or congressmen.  She will make the arrangements as she has contacts all over the place.  She makes arrangements for him to be able to sit in the audience and listen.  He loves stuff like that. 
Well, I guess I should get to bed.  I am exhausted. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm on the Dean's List!

I, Runner Nerd, made the Dean's List!!!!  I got a certificate in the mail today!!
I, Runner Nerd, also went running today!  After work I went for a run on my favorite route in Bandemer Park. (older run on same route; Garmy lost signal today and map is messed up.)  I ran through lots of slush!!  Slush = melting snow!!!  I think the temperature was in the mid to upper 30s.  I only needed 1 layer and no gloves!  I talked with a very delightful gentleman today!  We were heading toward each other on the little narrow trail along the headrace.  It's even narrower right now so it's even trickier for 2 people to pass by each other.  I slowed to a walk and we both stepped aside and he said that he didn't mean to get in my way and I told him that he wasn't.  He was an older man and I made the comment that it's great that he's out getting exercise.  He asked me about Garmy and I showed it to him and told him what it does and about Garmin connect and how I can see my run on a map.  He showed me his Iphone which was clipped to his waist and he said he does the same thing and sees his walks on a map.  He told me that he ran for 30 some years but now he just walks.  He is 64 years old and looks great.  We had a very brief conversation about the trails in Ann Arbor and we went on our ways!  That really made my day!!  Last semester I wrote my research paper for English class on running and aging and found all kinds of research on the subject.  Of course, it's not just running that keeps people healthy; walking and weight training are also very beneficial.  (The man in the park told me that he also does weight training)  When I was researching I kept seeing the phrase, "use it or lose it", about both our bodies and our minds as we age. 
After I finished running I decided to take a few pictures since my camera was in the truck.  These are things that are close to the end of this route.  This is a little waterfall.  It's coming out of a drain from under Barton Drive.  It always has water running down the rocks and I've always thought it was so cool for just being a drain. I often pause and look at it.

This is the end of the trail through the woods.  I am looking back at the direction I come from.  It was slushy in those footprints today.  The snow is melting!!!! 

This is a little stream that you have to cross just before exiting the woods.  The red circle is a rock that you step on.  The yellow circle is approximately where there USED to be another rock but during last summer it disappeared; it was just gone one day.  It has been there since I've been running there.  Who knows what happened to it.  Now there is a longer leap from the one rock.  At times when the water is lower there are some tree roots that can be stepped on. 

At the end of the woods there is this set of stairs.
My legs always hurt when I get to the top.  The run through the woods is hilly and then you come to these steps!!  The last time I ran here you could not see much of the steps; it was almost like walking up a hill.

At the top of the steps this boardwalk leads back to the entrance to Bandemer Park and where I start and end my run.  The best part is that this is slightly downhill at first!!!

This is the view looking back from just across the little stream.  That is Argo Pond where, in the spring through fall, the rowing teams from UM, EMU, Huron, Pioneer and Skyline schools row.  The pond is the result of a dam which is wayyyyy down there but not visible in this picture.  The Huron River Watershed Council wants to drain this pond.  I really really hope they don't.
This trail follows the pond.  Where you can see the woods in the distance is where the trail comes from.

So, anyway, there are some pictures from the last half mile of my favorite running route.
Now if i could just figure out how to download a couple of songs from itunes!  I have done it before but it's been awhile.  I still have $$ left from an itunes card.  I can't find where you search for songs.  I need a 10 year old to show me what to do!!!

I am done house and kitty sitting for my niece and nephew.  They returned yesterday but I stayed there last night since I had to go to work this morning.  I had made a list of the things I needed to load up this morning so I didn't forget anything and I left it on the table with my keys.  When I picked it up this morning there was one more item added to the list.  It said: "remember that your Niecie loves her Auntie!!!!!"  Awwwwwwww!!  Well, I love my Niece too!!!! 

I took my Jeep in last Monday to be repaired and I hope I get it back tomorrow.  I really miss it.

I am off to bed now.  Tomorrow is homework, homework and more homework and then study for a test.

Runner Nerd
on the Dean's list