Sunday, February 28, 2010

36 degrees feels like a heatwave????????

I ran 4 miles today.  I ran here in the subdivision where my niece & nephew live.  It was 36 degrees and I was able to run in just 1 layer of running clothes!!!

Both of my classes have soooooooooo much homework this week.  I have been working on it today. 
I have so much to do that I don't know what to do next.  I waste more time trying to decide what to do next. 
So much for being such a nerd!

I know one thing I have to do--SHUT THIS COMPUTER OFF IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!  I was using it for my quizzes but they are done now. 

Runner Nerd is turning off the computer!!

Only 10 more months till NYE in NYC!!!!!!!!

If my sister is reading this---

only 10 more months till we go to New York City for New Years Eve and the Midnight Run in Central Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I hope my sister is as excited as I am!! 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

tough running in the snow

A runner friend of mine posted this on a blog today and I thought it was funny!  I did not ask permission to repost it but here goes......

     "You first try one out and it makes you feel sick and nauseous and you really hate it. But you see all the cool kids doing it and it’s something you think might make you a better person if you’re doing it too. So, you force yourself to do another one. Little by little you start to enjoy it in a way. Even the parts that hurt at first now have a sort of satisfaction, especially finishing one. It gets to the point where you now need it. If you don’t have one, the day becomes hard and you’re irritable. Even on the days you don’t want to do one, you know you need it and you wont feel right until you have done it.
Long runs are just like smoking" 

Smoking, I mean running, was not so much fun for me today.  I don't know why I took off on trails through the woods.  I saw lots of other footprints going in so I thought I should too, I guess!  (Like smoking--everybody's doing it!)  The snow is deep here and it is difficult to run in.  They make a pass with a snowblower on some of the trails but the snow that is left is still deep.  I lost count of how many times I almost fell or twisted an ankle.
I only ran 8 miles instead of 10.  I was exhausted after 8.  I have had enough of winter already and it's time for all this snow to just go away. 
This is my last night of kitty sitting.  My niece and nephew come home tomorrow.  I may stay here tomorrow night since I have to work Monday morning and I have uniforms here.  I am closer to work here.
I wished that I had my camera with me today, I saw the cutest thing, someone had made a snowman sitting on a park bench.  It's upper arm was on the back of the bench and forearm hanging forward.  It had legs and feet resting on the ground too!  I don't know if I could do that!!

Runner Nerd
too tired to write any more

Friday, February 26, 2010

House sitting & kitty sitting

It's been a whole week since I've written.
I'm house-sitting and kitty-sitting for my niece and nephew.  I will post pictures of my adventures with the kitties in a few days since I didn't bring the camera cord with me. 
I've been here since Monday night.  I am about 40 miles from home but I am actually closer to where I work.  Work is between home and here.
I cannot believe that until today I hadn't run since last Saturday.  I went 5 days without running, that is sad.  I even missed running group last night.  I ran 10 miles last Saturday in Lower Huron Metro Park, it was beautiful, I only wore 1 layer and thought I was too warm!  (no gloves!!)  I knew it couldn't last.
Anyway, I wasn't planning on working yesterday then got a call asking if I could come in for a few hours which turned into a few more and at 5:45 I found myself nowhere near the station or getting out so I had to call one of my fellow groupies and say that I had lied earlier in the day when I posted on our google group that I'd see them all later!  It was after 8pm by the time I was out and was dark so I did not run.  I thought about running here in the subdivision my niece lives in but I didn't.  I hadn't eaten all day and I was super starving and getting a headache and that won out over running.  I made potato/cheese soup Wednesday night when I got back here after classes and I had the rest of that.  It was sooooooo yummy!!  I did litter box rounds  (I've never seen so many litter boxes in one house!), checked feeders and waterers, cleaned up her kitchen then popped some popcorn and watched a DVD and tried to keep little kitty faces out of my popcorn!  I am not used to guarding my food and keeping animals out of it.

This afternoon I ran 4 miles here in the subdivision.  It's been snowing most of the day.  I think we've had enough already.
I was out earlier and people were sliding into the ditches and median causing traffic to back up on the highway.  I was almost to my exit when it began to back up.  I didn't take the highway to come back here.  I will not miss this part of my current occupation when I am finally a respiratory therapist.  Driving the large vehicle in the snow and ice is very difficult sometimes. 
Well, I'm going to get some homework done.  This week both of my classes have a TON of homework. 

Runner Nerd
kitty sitter

Friday, February 19, 2010

Muddy Shoes!!

I am finally getting rid of that brand new look with my new trail shoes!!  I went running after work this afternoon and managed to find plenty of MUD!! (Mud = melting snow!)  It was beautiful today; the sun shone all day.  I had to wear my sunglasses to drive.  I FINALLY got out at 5pm, headed to the park, changed in the back seat and set out at 5:30.  Most of Ann Arbor must have left work early today, the drive over to the park should have taken me way longer than it did at 5pm.  I considered going to Gallup Park because it is easier to get to at 5 but decided to go to Bandemer since it's in the direction of home and not the opposite direction.  I ran my favorite route.  The wooded trail portions and the little loop though island park are still snow covered and hard to run on but the rest of it was pretty good.  I only wore ONE LAYER and no gloves!!!  It was in the high 30s.  I scared a duck!!  When I was on my way back on the trail through Riverside Park the ducks were on the banks of the river and as I was approaching some of them crossed the path.  One duck started to cross then turned around to go back toward the river then turned back toward the other ducks again then took off running down the trail ahead of me and then took off flying and landed out in the middle of the river!!  It was so funny to see the duck running as fast as it could away from me!!  I looked out into the river and apologized to the duck for scaring it!!  (what? doesn't everyone do that?)
I finished my run, walked around a little bit then got my "fake" key out of the little pouch on my shirt and got in the car then I discovered that I had left my "real" key in the ignition.  I suppose that's not a very good thing to do!  The keys for my car are the kind with the remote attached to the key so they are quite large.  I remember asking the car salesman what I was supposed to do with a key that large when I go running so he made me a "fake" key.  It will open the door but I can't start the car with it.  I call it the fake key.  I carry that when I run and usually put the real one beside the seat under the parking break lever but every once in a while I leave it right there in the ignition.  I lock the doors but if someone really wanted to get in there and start my car and drive off I'm sure they could find a way.
When I was putting my new running shirt in the washing machine I noticed that it said on the tag not to iron over the reflective pieces.  HUH???  WHO is going to iron running clothes????? I want to know.
Well, I guess I am going to look at my homework for a little while.

Happy weekend running!!

Runner Nerd
(with muddy shoes!)

Got Those New Shoes Dirty During an Awesome Run!!

It's Thursday night which means Thursday night running group!!  Monday I  jokingly commented on our Google group that we should run the dirt roads Thursday night so I can get these new shoes dirty!  Well, guess what we did!  We took the dirt roads and YES, the new shoes are now dirty!
It was an awesome night for a run: mid 30s temp, still light out at 6pm, 6.5 miles in 57:22 which is an 8:47 avg pace and 9 happy runners!!  I don't know what got into me tonight; I kept up with the speedies!  I haven't even run an 8:47 pace in a 5K lately. 
Thursday night group run

I have to work tomorrow and I will probably run a few miles after work.  For now it is time to get some sleep.

Runner Nerd
with dirty shoes

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Shoes

I took the new trail shoes out today for their first run on my feet!  I tried to get them dirty but they still look quite new.  I ran through snow, dirty snow, gravely slush messiness and even mud but they still look new. 
I ran 5 miles starting in Bandemer Park.  The wooded trails are still snow covered and difficult to run on.  I almost fell in Argo woods.  My left foot slid sideways downhill and it's a wonder I didn't go down.  It's also a wonder that I didn't pull a muscle.  As I came out of the woods I was dragging.  I turned left on the boardwalk at the top of the steps and ran to the end and back.  I love it when I turn around and head back, it's DOWNHILL!!!  It gets me moving again after running through the woods and then up those steps. 
I enjoyed watching the ducks in the river today!  I don't know how they can be out there in that cold water.  They were putting their heads down into the water today and their tails would be sticking up in the air while their heads were down.  They seemed to be quacking a lot today too.  I don't usually hear much quacking but they were today!! The Huron River provides good entertainment for running! 

Introducing: My new winter trail running shoes!!  Nike Zoom Structure Triax+12 GTX  (wow, that's a long name!)
They are too clean.  I guess I have plenty of time to get them dirty, they will probably be with me for about 500 miles of winter outdoor running!  

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I placed in my age group today and got a medal!!!!!!!

I ran a 5K this morning and actually placed in my age group! I got 2nd.  This is the 5th year I've run this race.  It's a fundraiser for Michigan State University triathlon team. 
Before the race I ran 2.5 miles then after the race I ran 4 more miles so I ran 9.5 all together today.
After the race I ran around the campus of MSU.  Many of the buildings are very old and I was noticing the light fixtures on the fronts of some of them which are also very old.  There are times that I do wish I ran with a camera or a cell phone with a camera, today would have been one of those times.  The Red Cedar River, which winds it way through campus, is frozen and on every bridge I crossed over today I looked down and there were words in the snow covering the ice!   There was a big heart drawn in the snow by one of the bridges.

My favorite running store had a big sale this weekend mainly on winter gear.  I got a new winter shirt 50% off!!  I also got a new pair of winter trail shoes that were on sale!!  The ones I have now are still comfortable; I haven't noticed any sore feet yet but the soles are very worn down.  (feet hurting = 1st sign of needing new shoes)  I like wearing the winter trail shoes in the winter because cold air doesn't come in through the top like it does when wearing regular running shoes.  My feet would get soooooooooo cold, especially my toes.  I can't wait to wear them on a run and get them dirty!!!!!  There is just something about new shoes that makes you look like a total newbie and not a serious, experienced runner!!  Maybe it's just me but I can't wait to get new running shoes dirty.  Hopefully tomorrow after work.  I have my stuff packed and hopefully I will have enough light left when I get out of work.   I'm not wearing my new shirt until Thursday night running group! 

I ended up with 27.5 miles this week!  That is good for me at this time of year. 

After the running store I went over to Panera to do homework until they closed.  When I go somewhere I get a lot more done than I do at home. 

Runner Nerd
(the one with the clean running shoes)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

If my running clothes smell this bad after I wash them what do I smell like after a shower?

If my running clothes still smell after I wash them do I still smell after I shower?????
I don't think I do but just in case I am going to use the coupon I have for Bath & Body Works and go buy some body sprays!!!!!!!!  Pink Grapefruit, Tropical Passionfruit, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Mango Mandarin!!!!!!

Runner Nerd
(smelling like fruit)

Staying light longer!

Tonight after work I squeezed a 3 mile run in just as it was getting dark.  I was pulling into Gallup Park about 17:55, jumped into the back seat and changed quickly and was off and running at 18:03!  The trail to Furstenburg was too difficult to run on so I didn't go all the way there.  There was just too much snow and I could feel a few twinges in my hamstring when I was running through there so I came back and stayed on the main paved trails that are cleared.  When I got back into Gallup and was on cleared pavement again I tried to run faster, mostly in hopes of getting all the way around and back to the car before it was completely dark.  It felt good to push myself! (did I really just say that??)  Mile 2 was 9:16 which is pretty good for me right now. 
I almost didn't even go.  When I was leaving work it was 5:35 and, although it was still light out I knew it would fade fast.  I am glad I decided to go! 
Last night I ran 6 miles with the Thursday night group.  Jackson Rd was completely redone last year and they put nice sidewalks in on both sides but last night those sidewalks were buried under lots of snow so we were running in the street.  I have had enough winter already. 

Last nights run: 

Today's run

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day??????

I had a snow day today, my first snow day in college!  Yes, college was closed today because of the snow storm.  I wasn't very happy about it.  There was going to be a review for a test next week in computer class which I really needed. 
I went to spinning at the gym since I didn't have school!  I used to go every Wednesday. 

Runner Nerd

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New PS (no, not PR)

I ran the 5K this morning, as promised by the weather forecast it was indeed bitter cold.  To explain the title of this post, I got a new "PS" which I define as Personal SLOWEST!!!   I had no intention of running fast.  I didn't even go outside the building until the gun went off!!  I had it in my mind to speed up at the 2 mile mark but I totally missed it.  I was thinking it had to be coming up soon and then I heard a man along the side of the street yell out "almost there" and I was thinking to myself, we aren't almost there; we aren't even to the 2 mile point yet.  Then I looked over and saw a Courtyard Marriot which I know is next to the shopping center where the finish line was located.  OOPS!!!  So, I sped up with probably two-tenths to go!!!  Oh well.  It was all for fun and just to say I did it. 
After the race I went to Hudson Mills Metropark to run some more.  I got my 2010 metropark permit which is purple!!!!  The price went up to $25.00, now I wonder if state park stickers also went up. 
Anyway, Hudson Mills has a 3 mile paved loop which has always been there.  Last year they built an extension which goes through the woods around the park and adds 4 miles.  I found out that the extension is not cleared in the winter.  It was slow going out there but I ran pretty good when I had good footing on the main trail.  I ran 7 miles at Hudson Mills.  That makes 10.1 for the day and 24.1 for the week.  I guess that will pass for February.
When I got home I took a very long very hot shower then crawled under the covers and then proceeded to fall asleep.  I woke up 2.5 hours later.  I guess I was tired.  I was mad at myself for that since I had a lot of homework to do. 
I am glad I don't live where my sister lives!  She lives in Maryland and right now is buried in snow.  She posted pictures on her blog.  She said they got 24 inches.  That's 2 feet!
(slow)Runner Nerd

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Freezing 5K

I am running a 5K in the morning at 9am.  The forecast is 20 degrees and snowing.  Oh yippie.
I collected all the winter running gear I will need to wear and have it ready to go, the pile looks like way more than just clothes for 1 wearing.  Where is spring???? 
I'm also thinking of heading over to a park after the 5K and putting in a few more miles.  I'm not racing the 5K, just running it however fast I feel like going.  I'm not the least worried about time tomorrow.  (I am, however, worried about freezing body parts!!!!) 
Well, I better get to bed since I have to be heading out at 7am.
Runner Nerd
runner of races in the middle of winter

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A most incredible run

I was supposed to be out of work around 3 but didn't get out until 4:35.  I was afraid that I wasn't going to have enough daylight left to run very far.  I headed over to Gallup Park.  M-14 was moving slowly due to the snow and there was also an accident.  I was pulling into Gallup at 5:03 pm.  I jumped into the back seat and changed as fast as I could.  I thought I was only going to be able to run 3 miles.  I ran the loop to Furstenburg Park and back which is 3 miles and it was still quite light out!!  I saw other runners heading toward the Parker Mill trail so I headed off in that direction, I ran until Garmy said 4 miles, which was at the Bridge just past the dam, then headed back.  The trail runs behind Concordia University, a small Lutheran college.  The chapel is visible across the river from the trail.  As I was running along the bells rang (I didn't count but I am assuming 6 times for 6pm) then music began playing!  The light was fading, the ground was already covered in white and it was snowing and I could hear the church bells playing hymns.  I felt so special out there!!  I felt very privileged to be out there running along the Huron River with the snow falling all around me and hearing the music.  (I know it sounds so dorky)  Can you believe people hurried home after work to plop down in front of a television??? 
I finished my run which was 6 miles, visited the restroom (I know you wanted to know that) and when I returned to my car at 6:25 it was still a teeny tiny light out!!!!
A week ago I would not have been able to run very far after 5pm before it would have been completely dark.  I think Gallup Park is a pretty safe place to run but I don't think it would be very smart for me to be out there after dark by myself. 
That was my run tonight, I wanted to share it with the world!
Now I need to study; tomorrow is school.

Runner Nerd

Monday, February 1, 2010

January running

I just read a friend's blog which was announcing the writer's mileage for the month and it hit me--it's the end of the month!!  No way, can't be possible that the first month has already passed.
I had 93.1 miles, not bad for January.  I would have had a few more had the suicidal deer left me alone Thursday night.
I started the month (and the year) with a 10 miler with the same people I ran with today!  I just realized that I started and ended the month with 10 mile runs with the same group of people from the Y! (both runs even started in the same place)
The first Thursday night (7th)  was probably the most difficult run in deep snow.
The lowest temperature I wrote in my book was 12 degrees on the 9th.
My longest run was 12 miles the 24th.
I did not run any races in January.