Saturday, August 28, 2010

Half Marathon for long run

I ran a half marathon this morning as my long run.  For the first time ever I had a time of over 2 hours for a half marathon. :(   I had 2:09:11. 
When I finished all I could think of is that in 7 weeks I have to go twice that far.  What a scary thought at this point in time.  I sure have a very long way to go in those 7 weeks. 

Last week's run went well.  I only ran 10.  I had a wedding to go to in Traverse City.  I almost forgot about the wedding and I had never booked a hotel room and 2 days before there were very few hotel rooms to be had in Traverse City.  Those available were very expensive or required 2 night minimums.  I stayed in cadillac which is about 50 mins south.  The hotels there are much less than in Traverse City.  I found out about a paved walking/biking trail circling Lake Cadillac and it's 7 miles!!  I had found my long run route!  From my hotel to the trail was 1.5 miles so there was my 10 mile route!  I did that Sunday morning and got back while the breakfast bar was still going!  I was quite sweaty and still had my water bottle belt on and had one of those big waffles drowned in maple syrup!!!!!!! Perfect after a 10 miler!!  

Soooooooooooo, yeah, tomorrow is 7 weeks out from Grand Rapids marathon.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tide Sport detergent

Sooooooo, the other day I mentioned that I had received a free sample of Tide's new product, Tide Sport, and I was washing the disgusting running clothes from Saturdays 14 miler. Well...they still had that faint running clothes smell. Maybe you have to use the special "sport" detergents over and over to remove the smells or  maybe you have to start with brand new clothes and use these special "sport" detergents.  Who knows??? 

I got the samples from a lady in the grocery store.  She asked me if I was interested in a sample and when I saw what it was I got all excited (like a dork) and told her I run, in fact I had just went running before going to the grocery store so she gave me 4 of the packets!!!!  The only problem is that I usually wash my running clothes all by themselves with the water level on low and the packets are for a full load.  Saturday I washed some towels and other things with the running clothes.  I guess I could try guessing how much to use and then fold the packet over and paper clip it and put it up somewhere where it won't fall over. 

Anyway....I have yet to hear anyone swear by any certain detergent for running clothes.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

soaked but not from rain

I had to work this morning and early afternoon so I had to do my long run from 4 to 6:30PM.  I don't know what the temperature was but it was hot.  I have never been as soaked as I was today other than running in pouring rain.  My shoes were even soaked but there were no puddles at any place in my 14 mile run.  My shorts were dripping when I stopped running; I stood there looking down at the drops falling off the bottom edge!! 
This run started out pretty good and went well for about 8 miles then it got tough.  I had so many thoughts of calling it quits at 10 miles but I didn't.  The last 2 miles were the worst; I was barely moving.  Everybody is telling me that it's the heat or that it's the humidity and I sure hope it is or I am in serious trouble and will never be able to run a marathon in October at this rate.  2 weeks ago I ran a 10 mile trail run in 1:38 and today I ran 14 miles in 2:38--a whole hour for an extra 4 miles????????????  Yep, I'm in trouble if I think I am going to run a marathon.  I had water and gatorade with me today.  There were several drinking fountains on the route and never had to drink from my water bottle until somewhere around 8 miles.  I ran the 5 mile loop to Parker Mill and went looking for a drinking fountain there.  I found one but the water was warm. The water coming from the sink in the bathroom was cold so I filled my bottle with that for the last 2.5 miles. 

A friend gave me 2 packs of Accel Gel which is 4:1 carbs/protein.  Last week I had vanilla and today was chocolate.  I do like it better than Gu.  I'm not crazy about it but it is better than Gu.  The vanilla had a caramel-like taste.  I am going to get some and keep using it.  The packets are bigger than Gu packets even though the amount is the same.   I will have to see how 6 packets fit into my spi belt.  Gu gits perfectly.
I have also found something else that I like.  Powerbar Gel Blasts!!  I actually like them.  It's like eating candy!!  I compared the nutrition label for them and Sport Beans, Gu chomps and Gu and it is similar.  I have not tried them mid-run yet. 

Tomorrow I am volunteering at a triathlon type race.  It's 10 legs covering 42 miles.  5 running , 2 biking and 3 swim.  I am manning an aid station; I did the same one last year.  The competitors run through it twice on legs 4 and 6. 

My body is sore and stiff and my right calf keeps getting a cramp.  I think it's time for bed.  BUT...first I have to get my running clothes out of the washer.  I washed them with a free sample of new Tide Sport and can't wait to see if I notice any difference!!!! 

Runner Nerd

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ran a 5k in a dress and tiara!

Tonight was the Red Carpet Run.  This is not your every day 5K!  People dress up in prom dresses and evening gowns and suits & tie, tuxes, jogging strollers are made into limos, you see tiaras on many heads!  the race starts and finishes on the red carpet too! 
It was so much fun.  I found an old dress that I don't wear anymore but most of the dresses the girls were wearing were really fancy.  Some men had tux shirts and bow ties on with shorts and there were even a few full suits!
I was looking at the pictures from previous races on the website and saw that many women were wearing tiaras so I got one and some big "diamond" earrings to wear!
Soooooo, this is what I looked like:
What? doesn't everyone dress like this to run a race?????? 

It was fun!  Now I am going to be on the lookout for something fancier to wear next year!!
Upon crossing the finish line and walking along the red carpet waving and getting your picture taken then getting your chip removed by girls in prom dresses you were given a champagne glass (with champagne even) with the name of the race on it!!  They also passed out bottles of water too since it was a running race and was quite hot!  They gave awards to the top 6 in each age group and I was 6th!!  The age group awards are BIG "diamonds" with the name of the race etched on the top. 
I'm already planning for next year!!
Well, off to bed now.
Princess Runner Nerd

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer semester is over!!

Tonight was the last night of class.  I'm soooooooo glad!!!  I enjoyed being in class with my daughter and will miss that.  She goes back to college next week. 
I hate to wish the summer away but I am glad this writing class is over. 
I get a 2 week break from being a nerd!!  I wish I got a 2 week break from everything else too.  Well, except running!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Running, Bad Running

My marathon training isn't exactly going as planned.  2 weeks ago a 10 mile run turned into a 9 mile run and I was barely moving at the end.  (actually from 7.2 miles on I was barely moving)  Last week a 12 mile run turned into a 10 mile run and, again, I was barely moving at the end of it.  I am having serious doubts about this marathon in October.

This past Saturday I did a 10 mile trail run that I have run in the past.  I was just treating it as a long run and just hoping not to fall.  I actually did better than I expected.  I had 1:38:13.  A week ago it took me 1:52 to run 10 miles on relatively flat paved trails and I was barely moving by the end.  I think my training plan had 14 miles for this weeks long run. 

I've done speedwork the last 2 weeks and it has went pretty good. Tonight I started a core class that will run for 10 weeks.  It's only 30 minutes and I figured I could handle that.  I am already feeling it and it's only been 2.5 hrs since class!! 

I'm going to keep at it and hopefully get things together in time to train for this marathon.  My summer class ends next Tuesday.  I have everything done so I just have to show up tomorrow and next week. 

I have to get a new laptop and I hate making decisions on things I know nothing about.  I have been looking at them twice.  I need to make a decision so I can get it bought and then during the 2 weeks between summer and fall classes I can work on getting whatever I need from this computer over to the new one.  Most people would be excited about getting a new computer but not me.  New running shoes or running clothes or running that's another story!!!!!!!!!!!!!