Sunday, January 31, 2010

Runnin with the Ironmen again!

I ran with the triathlon group from the Y again today.  We ran 10 miles.  I kept up better today.  I ran an overall average pace of 9:30!!!!!!!! That's the best I've run any distance over 6 miles in a long time!  Part of our run was on a portion of the Falling Water trail.  The Army has a mile marked off out there in this section so 2 of them stopped at the Army finish line to catch their breath and then run all out for a timed mile.  I was just catching up to them when they were about to start, the coach said, "timed mile, come on, run it with us" so without any rest I took off!  (this was mile 9 so after running 8 miles we do this!)  I started out good but slowed around 1/2 mile then picked it up again and then really ran the last 1/4.  (The quarters are marked)  I had about 8:50, fastest I've run in forever!  I thought I was going to puke!  I managed to finish the last mile back to Sharp Park but not very fast. 
It was 14 degrees when we started and I don't think it got any warmer.  I put my coat on and got into the car but I couldn't sit back against the back of the seat because when I did that my 1st layer shirt was wet and FREEZING!!!!  I just love how all the sweat these fancy clothes wick away goes right back in as soon as you stop running!  
Later this afternoon I got a massage!!!  It's been sooooooooo long since I've had a massage.  I paid for it way back in the middle of November.  I was giving a presentation at a senior citizen health and wellness expo for work and got to talking to a woman who was there representing the place where I got the massage.  She was selling gift certificates during the expo for a really good price so I bought one with the intention of using it right after I finished last semester.  Well, last semester ended, Christmas came and went, New Years came and went and I am back in school again and still hadn't used the certificate so I called the other day and asked to make an appt with the sports massage therapist and found out that he was working today and had an opening in the late afternoon which was perfect, I could run in the morning and get a massage in the afternoon!!  The massage therapist is a runner too!  He has run the Boston marathon 5 times.  I also won a free massage from this same place several weeks back and I can't wait to go back!!!  (blog post about winning free massage)   Another very cool thing about this place---they give discounts to police, fire and EMS!!! (I work in EMS) 
So, I end this week with a total of 19 miles, way down from last week but due to getting out of work with not enough daylight left to get a run in twice during the week. 
OK, I suppose I should get at least a little bit of studying in now.  I did not even touch my books yesterday. 

Runner Nerd

Thursday, January 28, 2010

No running group

A gigantic suicidal deer abruptly halted my journey to running group tonight.  It lept from the side of the road right into the side of my Jeep, I never saw it coming.  It hit me, I didn't hit it.  I didn't run over it, it hit and flung back onto the side of the road. 
Fortunately, I can still drive it until I can get it repaired.  It's been parked in the garage for over 2 hours now and nothing liquid has leaked out.  The headlights are intact but the right turn signal is gone.  The thingy that the bulb plugs into is still there and the wire seems to be intact so we are going to try plugging a bulb in and see what happens. 

Two men stopped.  One of them wanted the deer so at least the deer is going to be food for somebody!! 
My Jeep is very sad, I am too.  I feel like I let her down and didn't protect her.  All of the damage is on the front right side so I am positive that it will be repaired and not totaled.  I luv my diesel Jeep and would never be able to find another one.  She was the Jeep that nobody wanted and I rescued her!!!  I was looking for a used Jeep Liberty and stumbled on that one; it was 2 years old yet had never been owned, most likely because it was a diesel.  The dealership wanted to sell it badly and I got a really good deal.  For the first time in my grown up life I was looking for a used vehicle which was depressing.  (Kids in college changes your way of life fast)  So I was able to get a new vehicle after all and I have the lowest car payment that I've ever had!! 
Soooooooo, I will be the one in the navy blue Jeep Liberty missing it's front passenger side fender and turn signal and with a dent in the passenger door.  Don't laugh at me!

It's Thursday night!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my fellow Thursday night running groupies posted this on our google group this morning:

"The weather looks delightful for Polar Bears. At 6pm we can expect 18
degree temps and dropping. Winds 15 -21 mph. Snow flurries as well. So
we will start into the wind so it pushes us back home."

 I have to this normal????  Most likely, people will not feel the need to yell their absurdities out their car windows in this weather!!!  
I am going to dress in the 2 most expensive pieces of clothing that I own (yes, that's true)  my Underarmour cold gear tights and shirt.  Over top of them I will wear a pair of lighter weight running pants and another winter running top,  and depending on the wind may wear a jacket too.  AND....of course, the dorky reflective vest and headlamp! 

Off for a run
Runner Nerd

Sunday, January 24, 2010

12 miles today and 27.5 for the week!

I ran 12 miles today! That is the longest I've run in a long time.  The last time I ran 12 miles was September 12. The last time I ran more than 12 miles was the River Bank Run wayyyyyyyy back on May 9.  The last non-race run of more than 12 miles was April 23 and was 14.5 miles and my last long run for the River Bank Run.
I ran with a group of triathletes from the gym.  It rained most of the night and most of the morning, it rained most of my drive to the trailhead where we met.  It was 40 degrees which isn't too bad but I wasn't looking forward to a wet soggy run.   It actually stopped raining!!!!!!!! Toward the end of the run there were a few sprinkles here and there.  We got really lucky, I wasn't very far into my drive home when it started raining again.
I also had the highest weekly mileage in a long time.  I had 27.5 miles!  The last time I had that much was September 7-13th.  I have to admit that it was very difficult to get out there and run this week.  Tuesday I worked a few hours in the morning then had a dentist appointment.  After the appt I changed at the gym then went to the trail and ran 4, I sure didn't want to do it and almost only ran 3.  Wednesday I ran on a treadmill at the gym during the break between classes.  I told myself all morning that I wasn't going to do it because my mouth hurt.  I had some repair work done that morning (before going to class) to a root canal which was infected badly under the crown.  Again, I almost quit at 3 miles.  Thursday night was with my Thursday night running group and I always look forward to that so no problem there.  Yesterday I nearly didn't run since I was going to be running 12 today but after finding out a friend had just run 5 miles I changed and went out for a 3 mile run from home.  How pathetic --  I have to trick myself into getting out and running!  Oh well!
I know one thing and that is that I am ready for spring already!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

rode his bike 77 miles on his 77th birthday

I found this mentioned in another runner blog I read regularly and I found the newspaper article online.  A man in  North Carolina rode his bike 77 miles on his 77th birthday last Friday.  It took him 8 hours, he rode loops around a local county park.  People eventually realized what he was doing and he had people cheering him on!  He started riding 5 years ago on an old mountain bike.  He has since bought a new bike.  He has competed in Senior Games both at the local and state levels.
I absolutely love this quote: "So many people my age, they’re sitting all day long and watching TV and not using their minds ... and not taking care of their aging bodies,” Weimer said. “I want to do the best I can. I’m pretty lucky to have lived all these many years.”
Well, Mr. Weimer, I'm 30 years younger than you and so many people MY age are also just sitting around watching TV and not using their minds when they aren't at work and they certainly aren't taking care of their bodies.  You, sir, are an inspiration and an example to all of us!
Happy Birthday and YOU ROCK, Cal Weimer!!!!

Info from Greensboro News & Record. 16 January 2010. Online edition.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm a delinquent DVD renter

Thursday afternoon I rented a DVD at Blockbuster and the clerk informed me that I had an overdue DVD from over a week ago.  OOPS!!  I was sure that I had returned it.  I told her it was possible that it was in the car and I'd look.  She let me rent the one I wanted to rent and said that if I find the overdue one when I get home to call in and tell them that I found a DVD that I had forgotten to return.  I said I'd do that if I didn't find it in the car.  It wasn't in the car but when I got home guess what I found laying on the dining room table!!  I called the store and told her that I found it.  She told me to return it as soon as I could and I wouldn't be charged  extra.  What she said next really surprised me.  She said, "I wish all customers who have this happen were as nice as you."  Geez, are people really that bad when they themselves forget to return a DVD?????   I was rather embarrassed when I realized that I was delinquent in returning the DVD.
I returned the DVD today and took it in and gave it to the clerk who was working there today.  He scanned it and said I didn't owe anything!!! 
Sooooooo, the moral of the story nice to the Blockbuster clerk and they won't charge you for an overdue DVD!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Running

After work today I went to my favorite place to run-Bandemer Park in Ann Arbor.  I don't know what the temp was, probably in the 20s.  I changed in the back seat of my jeep as usual (the reason tinted windows were invented!).  This is the first winter I've ever run there.  This is the 2nd time I've run there since it has snowed.  I forgot to take my yak trax.  (actually they are "fake" yak trax--Target cheapies)  I needed them.   It wasn't snowing when I started but somewhere along the way began snowing.  As I was approaching my favorite part of the run--the wooded trail beginning near the Argo Canoe Launch I noticed that it was snowing.  I sure wish I had a camera with me, I'd have driven over there after my run and taken a picture.  Running toward the entrance to the woods with the ground and tree branches already covered with snow and the snow falling was quite a sight.  I got the thought to take pictures from this viewpoint in every season.  (for some reason I seem to make all kinds of plans when running!)  It was difficult running through the woods with the snow but it was an enjoyable run.  It is a much different view in the winter.  Argo Pond is frozen and there are animal tracks going across it.  I felt so lucky while running through the woods.  Mainly just because I CAN!!  I felt very healthy and very alive and adventurous in the woods; just me, winter running gear, winter trail running shoes and Garmy!!  I thought about people running on treadmills in gyms and they don't know what they are missing.  It takes twice as long to dress for an outside winter run and you have triple the sweaty stinky clothes to wash...ok, now I am beginning to question the sanity!!  Well, it couldn't have been too bad because I saw other people out running too!!  If I remember right I saw 6 other runners during my run. 
One thing that crossed my mind today while running along slowly through the snow with bad footing was, is this effective for training for a marathon in the spring?  I feel like I am using the same effort as I would if I was running a 9 minute pace because of the bad footing and the snow.  My average pace today was 10:22.  Sometimes I really had a hard time if the snow was deep and if there were already a bunch of tracks through it.  To train for a 4 hour marathon I need to be running faster than that. 

I start classes again on Wednesday.  I sure have enjoyed having a break.  I'm kinda excited about doing the college thing again.  (geez, I really am a nerd!)

Well, it's time for bed. 

Runner Nerd
winter runner

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Both kids back to college!

Both of my kids returned to their colleges today! 
My classes start on Wednesday so I have 2 days all to myself!!!

Disney Goofy Challenge weekend

This is Disney Goofy Challenge weekend!
I know of two people who are doing Goofy's Challenge this year.  Goofy's Challenge is running the Disney half marathon on Saturday and the following day running the full marathon, that's 39.3 miles over 2 days. Today was the half marathon.
One of the friends put on facebook that it was 28 degrees and rained during the race this morning.  28 degrees and rain at DISNEY??? No way.  A check of reveals 29 degrees for tomorrow morning. 
I seriously considered doing this.  During the summer (before my hamstring pulling began)  they decided to increase the limit for Goofy's Challenge since it was the 5th anniversary and registration was re-opened.  My friend informed me of this fact and tried to talk me into doing it.  I really want to do it someday, in fact I was the one who turned this friend on to doing it.  Friend had never heard of it until I mentioned it one day during a group run.  I sure thought about it when I found out.  This is one of those things you have to know you are going to do when they open registration, in this case nearly a year ahead, and it fills up fast.  Now I am really glad I didn't do it.  I know you can't control the weather and every time I sign up for a race I know there is a chance of horrible weather.  I have run 2 half marathons and a 25K and a few 5Ks  in pouring rain over the years.  I really really hope that the year I finally do Goofy's Challenge that it is a beautiful day.  This is not an event for PRs but one to have a lot of fun.  I plan to run slow and take a lot of pictures when I am finally doing it.   I will graduate in December, 2012 so I may plan to do Goofy's Challenge in January, 2013.  I will have to be ready in January 2012 when registration opens so I can get my spot!  We'll see.

Back here in Michigan:  I ran 5 miles today with a group from the Y.  12 degrees. Cold.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

They still make Jordache jeans!

You know how every once-in-a-while you hear someone say something you haven't heard in years?  Well, today I heard the words "Jordache jeans".   I used to think they were the COOLEST!!  I had not heard those words spoken nor have I seen them in stores in years.  I guess if someone was to ask me I'd say they weren't made anymore.   I decided to do a good ole google search and OMG--yes, they are still made! 
I don't think I will be going out and looking for Jordache jeans; it would bring back memories of jr. high and high school and I don't want to go there!!  (I can't even say the words outloud!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beautiful night for a group run!

The Running Fit Thursday Night Running Group members are not wimps!
25 degrees, dark, deep snow and still snowing heavily--normal peope run in those conditions all the time, right?
It's normal to have a thin layer of ice on your face after a run, right?
It's normal to have frozen eye lashes after a run, right?

I was asked if I want to run a leg of a Marathon relay in April.  why not? I think I am committed now!
The marathon I was thinking of running in May is full already so I won't be running it.  It opened for registration Dec. 1 and I found out Jan 4 that it was full, I guess that didn't take long.  Maybe I will do Grand Rapids in October again.  I don't know. 

It is snowing heavily.  It normally takes me 40 minutes to get to the running store where we meet for running group, tonight it took me 65 minutes.  This is one of the things I most despise about winter.  I do not like having to leave earlier than I would usually leave for somewhere.  I am supposed to be at work at 8am, if this keeps up all night I am going to have to leave at 6:30am.  yippie.  Guess that means I need to get to bed.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a weekend

My last post was made Saturday late afternoon bragging about getting out and running.  It's a good thing I went on that run because I have not been able to since then.
Saturday night my daughter came home from her friends house and I heard her say "Mom, I'm sick".  I really didn't think that much of it.   A little while later I found her in the bathroom on the floor rolling from side to side.  She was having abdominal pain.  My first thought was appendix.   Took her to the ER at 11pm.  Yep, it was her appendix.  Fortunately it was not in danger of rupturing.  But, not being in danger of rupturing meant that they wouldn't be calling the surgeon in but waiting until he came in at 6am.  We spent the night in the ER.  She was taken for surgery at 7:30am.  The surgery went well and she was moved to a hospital room.  I got to go home for a little while Sunday afternoon to shower and change and gather some things she wanted. 
I was able to nap in a recliner chair in her room but I never really got to sleep. 
She was allowed to have her laptop computer in her room and there was wireless internet.  She had the staff amused all day long with her Facebook updates!!  Actually, she was updating her Facebook from the time she went into the ER with her Ipod.  She also had a steady stream of text messages coming and going most of the night.  The whole world knew that she was there and was going to have her appendix out in the morning!! 
Sunday night she was suddenly wide awake.  She was carrying on multiple chats as I was falling asleep in the chair.  She told me that I could go home which actually sounded like a good idea to me.  Her nurses expected her to be discharged first thing in the morning.  I felt really guilty leaving, I almost turned around and went back.  She sent me a couple text messages saying she was fine.  I sent a quick email to my parents and sisters and a couple of close friends then I went to bed.  It felt so good to lay down. 
She called me Monday morning around 7.  The Dr had been in and discharged her and she wanted me to come get her immediately!  I got up and got dressed, I was dragging.  She was eating breakfast when I got there.  The nurses came in with her instructions.  They didn't want her to go, she was their easiest patient!  She was their only patient who could get up without help!  We left the hospital about 10am.  Had to stop at the pharmacy on the way home to get perscriptions.  She slept a lot of the day.  I was exhausted last night.  I am still exhausted tonight. 
She was not able to shower until this morning.  She was the happiest person in the world after her shower!! (she had also just taken a vicodin!)  She did not take any more Vicodin during the day because she wanted to meet friends for dinner which meant driving her car.   She didn't have any problems driving and had a good time.  She goes back to college Sunday and classes start Monday and I think she will be ok to head back.  I'm glad this didn't happen next weekend.  (so is she)
So,  I am hoping to catch up on my sleep tonight and feel normal again tomorrow.  I also realized that I hadn't run in 2 days.  So much for my year being off to a "running" start!!! Oh well. 
I posted my biology class books on Craigslist and haven't had one response yet.  (well, no real responses!)  My daughter said that people won't be looking until the end of this week.  (classes start Monday)   Maybe I should put in my ad that I got a 4.0 in the class so my book would be a lucky book!!  yeah right!! 
OK, time for bed
Runner Nerd, exhausted Mom

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Change of plans but I did go running!

So much for a plan!  After I finished my blog entry announcing to the world that I was off to my favorite running trail I started to change and a running buddy sent me an instant message. (computer was still sitting there as I was going to check the temp one more time.)  Soooooo, I ended up chatting with running buddy for 40 minutes.  Of course, running buddy had just FINISHED his 5 mile run.  When the IM conversation was ended I looked at the time and realized that I should be arriving at my destination and not still at home.  I looked out the window and the sun was shining so I decided that I might as well just go running from the house.  I would be finishing my 4 mile run at  about the time I would be arriving at the park if I was to stick with that plan.  So, I ran my 4 mile route on the roads here.  I probably looked like a new years resolution runner out there.  It was 14 and windchill 0 and I wore my most hard-core running gear for the first time this season.  I chose the wrong gloves and my hands ended up being too hot, imagine that!!  I have 25 miles for the week now, pretty good!   (11 of those miles go to the 2009 total, 14 to 2010.) 
I'm off to a good start! 

dig out that expensive winter running gear and use it!!

It's almost 2pm, online weather says 12 degrees with 4 below windchill.  I have been contemplating going for a run since 11am.  I know that I will never get out there and do it unless I go to one of my favorite places to run.  I dug out my hard-core underarmour cold gear tights and top-the items I don't even consider wearing until there are single digit temps.  I will make the 40 min drive to my favorite park where I normally would run after work because it is closer to where I work.  It's a bit windy so I will wear my running jacket too.  I am not excited about this but if I am going to run a marathon in the spring I am going to have to get used to it and start doing it more often than I did last winter.  I know that once I am there in my favorite place to run I will be happy and when I am running I will enjoy it and when done I will be very glad I did it.   Soooo, here I go!
see ya later!
Runner Nerd is out for a run

Friday, January 1, 2010

First run of 2010

My brand new and very blank running log for this year did not have to wait long for me to write in it!  I closed out 2009 by running so what better way to bring in 2010 than by, you guessed it, running! 
One of the trainers at the gym I go to led a group run of 10 miles today.  Most of the people who showed up were from the triathlon training group.  (the run was led by the tri coach)  I just happened to be the only girl to show up so I got to run with a whole bunch of guys!!!!  That will probably never happen again! 
As is usual for me lately, I seem to lose it at 6 miles.  I really slow down.  Nobody was running all that fast today and there were some places where it was very icy.  We saw some bikers out for a ride and they were having a tough time going down an icy hill and we were having a tough time running up it! 
I ended 09 with 1022 miles, 20 races, 1 PR and 3 hamstring pulls.  I will work on a year running recap with all the details soon.  I had all that yesterday, today I started with ZERO miles, ZERO races and  no injuries and now I have 10 miles so I would say this year is off to a great RUNNING start!!!!

Here's to a great year of running and a PR or two!!!
Runner Nerd
running fanatic and honor student 

364 days till New Years Eve!

Yes, I am counting down until the next New Years Eve!  That is because my sister and I are going to go to New York City and run the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run in Central Park!!!  I have always wanted to do that.  I read others run reports and watched their video clips through their blogs and facebook entries. 

This got started back in September.  I ran across the Mackinac Bridge on Labor Day, an event put on by the Governor's Council on Health & Physical Fitness.  It is open to any Michigan Resident who is able to run the entire distance.  There is an application process and 400 are chosen.  I posted my pictures on an online photo album for my family to see.  My sister wrote to me that she wanted to do this with me next year.   I had to inform her that one must be a Michigan resident which she is not...BUT...if she wanted to do a very cool running event with me we should go to New York City for the midnight run on New Years Eve!  Well, she accepted the challenge!  Her stepsons have been asking her to take them back to NY for New Years Eve, a trip they took 5 years ago. 

I'm very excited and really looking forward to it already!

Run into the New Year 5K

I won my age group!!!!!!  
I ran the Run into the New Year 5K. It was cold and icy in places.  I wasn't dressed warm enough.  I dressed in my running clothes before going to dinner at my friend's house.  It had been in the mid 30s all day.  When we arrived at the race and got out of the car I could tell that the temperature had dropped.  The parking lot was slippery but the street seemed ok.  I was a bit chilly during most of the race.  There were icy spots here and there.  As the race went on it became apparent that we should  not have had the yummy chocolate desserts before the race.  We should have went back to her house and had the desserts AFTER the race!!  I got the bowling ball in tummy feeling and cramps first on left side then they moved over to the right side. 
I must get  back into shape. 
So, here we are in the year 2010.  I sent a text msg to a friend who lives on the west coast after my race to brag about winning my age group and also to wish a happy new year.  It dawned on me that it won't be the new year out there for another 2.5 hours.  That is very weird-my friend and I are living in different years!  (same for my sister and I since she also lives out there) 
I finish out 2009 with 1022 miles ran!  I will try to put together a running year recap soon.  I am not sure how many races I ran.  I actually had 1 PR this year too!! I hope 2010 is a better running year for me than 2009 was. 
Tomorrow I will be running again at noon, 10 miles is planned.  I can't think of a better way to end a year and then begin a new one than by RUNNING!!!!
Happy New Year

Runner Nerd
honor student and running fanatic