Monday, July 4, 2011

Best running in a long time!

I ran the Firecracker 5 Miler today!  I think this is the fourth 4th of July that I've run this race.  I almost came in under 50 minutes!!  I've been running so slow lately that I was hoping that I could run this 5 mile race in under an hour.  I had 50:12.  A few years ago I ran it in 43 something so, yeah, I've really slowed down. 
This year the race had a new course.  It used to be a point to point between the fire stations of 2 small towns but this year it started and finished at the fire station that it used to end at.  It was a loop on rural roads and had some hills...big hills!!! 
After the race I had to get right in the car and head over to another small town to join up with the rest of the family for a 4th of July parade.  This parade takes almost an hour; it gets bigger every year.  Then we went out to eat and then I had to go home and study. Only a couple more weeks to go and I will have 5 weeks off!!!!!!!!
Hard to believe it's already the 4th of July; it's over halfway around to Christmas...oh yippie!

Runner Nerd
had a good day of running

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