Sunday, September 9, 2012

Got through it.

I got though "that" day, the day I was ignoring and hoping would go away!!
I went bike riding since I can't run.  I never imagined that on my 12th 39th birthday that I wouldn't be able to go running.  The next two years my birthday will be on Saturday and Sunday so I better be able to run!! 
Can't run so I bike
I saw my neighbor out in her yard so I asked her to take a picture of me.  I have to say that I did feel much better and inspired after talking with her.  I've known her for years, we met when our kids were young.  I never realized that she is older than me.  She always looked so young.  She told me that she will be 58 in a couple of months.  I was quite shocked; she looks so young.

So, I made it through!  Now I'm back to the life of the world's oldest college student!

Runner Nerd
world's oldest college student

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