Saturday, February 1, 2014

Groundhog Gallop 5K

This was the scenery at the location of the Groundhog Gallop 5K today:
5K in the snow
The temperature climbed all the way up to 30 degrees!!  When I woke up and looked out the window I saw that it had been snowing all night..  Oh great!  I got dressed and headed out!  The race took place at a school which, not being open today, did not have the parking lot plowed so it was quite a mess parking but I found a spot.  I had to trudge through the snow to the school entrance.  I had to register.  I saw a lot of friends hanging around waiting for the race to start.  When it was time to go out to the start line, again, it was a hike through the snow.  Footing was really bad to start; we were running along a drive behind the school.  We turned onto a road where it wasn't much better.  It was snowing and I think there were little ice balls in the snow because it stung when it hit my face.  My first mile came in at 10:28; yikes, that's slow!  Eventually, we turned onto the paved rail to trail and the footing was better.   Miles 2 came in at 9:18; now, that's better!  The home stretch was on the sidewalk and driveway into the school which had really deep snow and impossible footing.  My 3rd mile came in at 9:59. 
After finishing, I went back out with a few friends to run a couple more miles so I had a total of 5 miles for the day.
My 5K time was 32:50 and I placed 2nd in my age group!

Later on this afternoon the snow got the best of our little snow plowing machine!
stuck in the snow
The picture really doesn't make it look stuck but it was!  All it would do is slide sideways farther into the field behind it.  I had to pull it out with one of our big tractors.  I got my farm girl on today!!

Well, I am tired and about to fall asleep.  Running in the snow is tiring!  

Runner Nerd
has had enough winter

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