Sunday, August 10, 2014

Running in a Prom dress

Wednesday night was one of my favorite events every summer - the Red Carpet Run in West Bloomfield, Mi.  I wore the same prom dress that I wore last year because I just think it's that awesome!
Once again, it was a nice, hot night for running in a long dress!  I was drenched in sweat when I finished my 5K run.
I rode to the race with one of my running group friends.
Here we are upon arriving at the Prom, I mean race:
This is normal
He wore a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie with running shorts and running shoes!  I posted this picture to Facebook after it was taken and all his friends are commenting that he has no pants on!  It does kind of look that way!
I am in my sapphire blue sparkly prom dress with my running shoes!
This is what a person looks like running in a full length prom dress:
This is how it's done!

I was a sweaty mess after running in the dress!  I could feel sweat pouring out of me and running down myself inside the dress!  (sorry, that's really disgusting!)
sweaty prom queen!
Here is a group of us after the race.  This guy wears a dress every year!  It's so funny!
My friend, Jocelyn, always finds the best dresses!

Very strange picture!
And, of course, what would an event called the Red Carpet Run be without a running celebrity in attendance:
I got my picture with Doug Kurtis who was featured in an article in the July Runner's World magazine! He has a record for something (I'd have to look it up).  He's won a bunch of marathons and has run 200 sub 3 hr marathons.  He's run sub 3 hr marathons in every age group from 20's to 60-65.  I guess there are only a few people who have done that.
My running celebrity pic!  Doug Kurtis, Detroit famous runner.

Upon finishing this race, there are finisher champagne flutes.  You can see people holding them in a couple of the pictures above.
I placed second in my age group!!  I had a time of 27:26, pretty good for running with a dress swishing all over the place.  

Hard to believe that it's August already.  I start my new job in a little over a week. 

Runner Nerd
runs in a prom dress

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