Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Have you ever met a long, steep hill?

run up the hill
run down the hill
run up the hill
run down the hill
run up the hill
run down the hill
etc etc etc...
This was not your average hill.  A quarter mile of upward sloping road growing steeper the farther up you go.
10 times up, 10 times down.
Is there anything more fun in this world??
And to think that some (most?) people went home from work and sat in front of the television in their air-conditioned houses. 
Oh, did I mention that it was 90 degrees??????  Yeah, 90 degrees.
One good thing is that it was a shady neighborhood street.  (shady as in trees on both sides that blocked the sun) 
I absolutely LOVE hot weather, especially when it gets in the 90s, but like anyone else, I don't run as well.  I am slow to begin with these days and I was the slowest one in the group running uphill.  They all waited for me to get to the top before we went back down.  How nice of them!!  They got to rest but I didn't!  (I just bragged about how many more calories I was burning!!) (I don't know if I really was or not but it sounds good!) 
It sure feels good when you are done!  It's torture during but it's always a great feeling afterward.  Running is strange that way! 
Week 2 of marathon training is underway.
Grand Rapids, here I come!!!!!!

Runner Nerd
who is excited that tomorrow is Thursday and that means RUNNING GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!

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