Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No more complaining

After spending the past weekend in Chicago I will never ever again complain about traffic here at home, not even construction zone traffic backups.  We have it pretty good here in southeast Michigan!!

I am also very very very happy that I work on an ambulance here in southeast Michigan and not over there in Chicago.  Nobody pulls over for ambulances in Chicago.  We were walking along a sidewalk in downtown Chicago and heard the sirens coming.  The ambulance ended up SITTING at a red light with all lights on and sirens blaring and the cars on the other street just continued to drive through the intersection and the pedestrians continued to walk across the street in front of them in the crosswalk.  NO WAY!!  Here in southeast Michigan when we come along with sirens the cars clear the roadway. 

Chicago was fun and exciting otherwise. 

Runner Nerd
(needs to spend more time on the runner part, has been spending too much time on the nerd part)

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