Monday, August 20, 2012

The closest I will come to a vacation this summer

Tomorrow one of my class mates, who is also my friend, is going to take me for a ride in his boat UNDER the Mackinac Bridge!!!!  I am so excited and I can't wait!!  I know it's not much but I love the Mackinac Bridge; it's about the coolest thing we have in Michigan.  We will also sail over to Mackinac Island and ride bikes around the island!  I'm really excited about that; when I was a kid growing up, my family went up there several times each summer and we rode our bikes all over the island. 
My classmate lives in the Upper Peninsula and stays at his Mother's house when we have school.  There aren't very many Respiratory Therapy programs; it's not one that is offered at every community college like Nursing, Radiography, Sonagraphy, etc.
Planning this has been quite an ordeal.  As we were nearing the end of the semester in July, I told him that I wanted to get up there and sail under the bridge.  (He invited me up during our break last summer but I didn't make it up there.)  Not only do we have to work around our schedules but, also, the weather forecast.  He likes the wind to be less than 5mph so it's not too rough out there in the middle of Lake Michigan/Lake Huron. 
Tomorrow is the day!!  The forecast looks good!  I have my bike loaded and the Jeep filled with fuel; I can't wait!!

Runner Nerd
like a kid on Christmas!! 

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