Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween dress up and running

Tonight was one of my favorite fall fun races.  It's called the Headless Horseman 5K.  There is actually a dude in a headless costume riding a horse!  People dress up.  I wore my big orange jack-o-lantern tshirt and orange/black striped knee socks.  The race is at night, after dark, so I also wore light up bracelets.  They were giving out glow sticks so I pinned mine into my pony tail.  (they came on a string but I took the string off and used a safety pin to pin it to my scrunchie.)  I wore my running skirt since it wasn't that cold.  A lady took a picture of me and texted it to me but I never got it so I can't post a pic but I did have one last year and I wore the same this year.
Same race last year, same clothes this year

The race course goes though a park and along a lake and then back out of the park and down the street to a cemetery.  The run winds through the cemetery and along a lake, which was really cool because there was a big ole full moon right up above us!!  There is nearly a mile in the cemetery.  It was chilly but not too cold for running.  I did have to wear gloves and a headband but I wore my skirt.  After the race there was baggies of CANDY!!!  I had a mini Milky Way bar in mine  - my favorite!!!  There were also popcorn balls; I haven't had a popcorn ball in forever!  I thought I was just going to taste it with a few bites but later on after I got home, I got it out of my bag and finished it up!!
As I was walking back to my car (a few blocks) I realized that my foot never hurt at all, not even a twinge, while I was running the race and as I was walking to the car it wasn't hurting!!!!  I was sooooo happy!!  I had the biggest smile on my face, even though it was dark and no one could see it!!

Runner Nerd
making a come back!!

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