Saturday, November 3, 2012

Runner Nerd is training for a half marathon!

11 weeks till Key West half marathon!!!!!!  I'm training!!!!  Today was my long run of the incredibly long distance of 6 miles!!!  Ok, so 6 miles isn't a very long run, but for one who is just returning to running after 2 months off for plantar fasciitis, it's a very big deal!!!  My foot behaved nicely and I was even still moving when I finished!!  My first few post-PF runs were not so good; I was barely moving the last half mile or so.  Today, my 6th mile was faster than my 3rd, 4th and 5th miles!  As Garmy beeped for 5 miles, I realized that I was feeling pretty good and picked up the pace a bit!!  My overall pace was 10:56 which isn't great but for now I will take it.  As I continue to get rid of this weight I've gained since becoming the world's oldest college student I hope to see my pace get faster.
There is one thing I am totally sure of now:
I'll be there on January 20th!!! 
My running group friend, Erika, is thinking about going too!!  She doesn't know for sure yet but she wants to.  She was supposed to run the NY marathon tomorrow.  She had PF last year and just started running in the early summer after 4 or 5 months off.  She had a great training and was really looking forward to the marathon.  Her flight was Thursday late afternoon and she didn't know for sure if it was going to go until only a couple of hours before departure.  She flew into Laguardia which was still closed Thursday morning.  She picked up her packet before the cancellation was announced so she has her bib and the shirt.  After the marathon was cancelled, she was able to buy some running clothes half price.  She texted me earlier today saying that marathon runners can run 4 laps in Central Park tomorrow morning at 9 am.  She is planning on going and running. 
I hope that she is able to go to Key West, her and I have a blast together!  Tuesday night we went to the haunted attractions at Wiards Orchards in Ypsi.  It had rained most of the day so the haunted hayride wasn't running.  We went through the haunted mine shaft, haunted insane asylum and the haunted barn!  I haven't been to any haunted houses in years! 

Next Saturday is the Iron Turkey which I've run for the last 3 years.  I don't know if I will be running it this year.  I am not up to 9 miles yet.

One month from today is my last class!!  42 days until graduation!!

Runner Nerd
running again

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