Saturday, May 18, 2013

Detroit Race for the Cure

Today was one of my favorite races.  It was the Detroit Race for the Cure.  The Detroit Race for the Cure is one of the largest Race for the Cure events in the country.  I believe I once read that it's the third largest behind Washington, DC and Phoenix, AZ.
They don't time this race, there are bibs with numbers and the first 100 women and 100 men get a medal at the finish line.  Back in the day, I was able to easily come in within the first 100 and get the medal but the last few years, I wasn't able to come close to it.  Now that I've lost the college weight gain and am back to running like I used to, I decided that I wanted to try for the medal this year.  I have been doing speedwork with the triathlon group from the Y.  My all time 5K PR, 23:39  is at this race.  I knew there was no way that I'd be able to run that fast right now but I figured that it would be my 50s PR!
When I got there, I picked up my bib and tshirt in front of the big Tiger in front of Comerica Park:
The Detroit Tiger decked out in a pink ribbon
They even let us use the restrooms inside the ball park! 
An empty Comerica Park
 After wandering a bit and taking my tshirt back to my car, I went to the starting area:
Start line
It was chilly and when I checked my jacket in gear check, I was cold and wishing that I had a long sleeve sihrt on but I did warm up for about 10 minutes which helped.  Just before the race started, the sun came out and it instantly felt warmer!  The race went well.  It got tough in the second mile but I tried to keep myself going.  I run the race for the cure in celebration of a gal who grew up down the road from us.  When my kids were babies and she was a teenager, she babysat for me.  In her early 30s, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been battling it for several years.  She is a survivor but still has problems.  I think of her and all she's gone through when it gets tough and I want to slow down.
The end results:
I got the medal!!
Did I mention that I got a medal?

My time was 24:30!!  I haven't run a 5K in the 24s in a long time!  My splits were:  7:39, 7:42, 7:45.  I can hardly believe that I kept it in the 7s! 
I picked up my jacket and wandered a bit after finishing the race.
Comerica Park

I saw this group of men in pink warming up for the race when I was warming up.  I spotted them just afterward and was able to sneak a picture!  How awesome that they are willing to get into the spirit of such an important cause!
Men in pink
 A UPS guy took my picture when I picked up my jacket.  (UPS is the gear check sponsor and gear is stored in UPS trucks)  I haven't been able to wear this skirt the last couple years because I had gained weight.  I am happy to say that it fits now!!  
Happy to be wearing this skirt
All too soon, it was time to head back to the Fox Theater parking garage and head home; another Detroit Race for the Cure is in the books!
Who's your Tiger??? 

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