Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi Day

It's Pi day! 3-14. 
I don't remember a lot about Pi from my high school math class days. It's used in finding circumference, pi r squared, or something like that.  I can remember 3.1415 and that's about it. 
I'm not sure when March 14th began being used as a day to commemorate pi, I've only been aware of it the last few years.  I saw something on facebook yesterday about running 3.14 miles!  I would have never thought of that on my own.  Soooooooo, today...
Pi day run
I ran Pi!!!  Actually, I stopped Garmie at 3.14 miles, reset it and then continued the last quarter mile back to my car. It was nice for running today.  It was 46 degrees and sunny!  I'm so ready for warmer weather.

Normally, I take Fridays off from running but I'm pacing a 10K on Sunday and might be running a 5K right after that so I'm taking tomorrow off instead.  There is a 10K and 5K starting an hour apart with the option of running both - they're calling it the "Dublin double".  I didn't think I could do the 5 K since I'm pacing 65 minutes so I wouldn't be finished within the hour but there are two waves 10 minutes apart so I could jump into the second wave.  I could also just start out after everyone is gone and see how long it takes me to catch up to the back of the pack!  These races are huge and there are lots of walkers in both the 10K and 5K so I could definitely do it. 
If I do run 9.3 miles on Sunday it will be the longest distance I've run since Key West.  I've been going to group run on Saturdays the last 4 weeks because I just wasn't running very much on my own.  Since returning from Key West I've had no motivation and the weather we've had all winter hasn't helped.  I ran very difficult 6 milers the first three weeks and then last week ran 7 miles and it went much better.  Those first three weeks my pace got slower and slower after passing three miles. When we'd run 4 or 5 miles on Wednesday night group runs I was falling apart after three miles. The week we ran 6 was the worst.  We've even had to cancel group run a few times because it was impossible to run on the sidewalks.  The running store is on a major road which we have to run down to get to dirt roads or subdivisions.  It has really nice sidewalks but they were a mess of snow and ice. 
I've actually run 20 miles the past two weeks!  I'm making a comeback!

I don't have to get up early tomorrow morning for the drive to running group so I am going to rot my brain with a Netflix movie or two!!

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