Saturday, May 10, 2014

Virtual Race Swag

Today, this arrived in the mail:
Las Vegas Virtual 5K shirt - FREE!
I really didn't think I'd ever see this!  As the day that registration opened was coming up, the Vegas Half Marathon was posting on their Facebook page about kick off night which was being held in several cities.  For those not in one of those cities there was the virtual option which was to register for the race within the first few days of registration being open and then run 5K anywhere, take a selfie showing a Garmin, phone app, or treadmill screen and upload it to the special post that would appear the evening of the kick off events.  I did all of that and uploaded the photo but wondered how in the world that I would receive a shirt from that.  I honestly didn't think I'd ever see a shirt.  I vaguely remember something during registration that had to do with Facebook.  It must be that I somehow linked my FB with my registration because I got my shirt today!!  It is the strangest color.  That picture makes it look gray but it is a weird green color.  I'm not complaining!  It was FREE!!!  It's a nice shirt; it's even a women's shirt, not the usual unisex t-shirt.  

This is the photo "results" I submitted:
Vegas Virtual 5K results
Notice the snow on the ground!  Notice the headband on my head!  Notice the winter running shirt which is my heaviest winter shirt!  I think it was cold that day! 

Las Vegas, here comes Runner Nerd!!! 

Runner Nerd
got a shirt in the mail

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