Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I did speedwork today!!  I haven't done anything speedy in a very long time, I don't even remember when.
I did 800s with a group from the gym.  We did them on a track.  They did 10 but I did 4 then sat one out and did 4 more and sat the last one out.  Eight was enough for me.  I really surprised myself!  I didn't think I could run an 800 anywhere near 4 minutes.  My slowest one was my first one at 4:17.  From there I had 4:11, 4:07,4:02, 4:03, 4:03, 4:08, 4:10.   We did them on 6 minutes.  The plan was to run 800 then walk/jog 1/2 lap and start another.  I did that the first 2 then I just walked straight across the field!  After a few more one of the others started doing that too and by the end some others were too! 
I would like to start going to the running group I used to go to on Tuesday mornings again; I really miss those ladies.  I probably won't be working on Tuesdays that much so hopefully I will make it some weeks this summer.  They do speedwork.  This group meets every Wednesday night but I'm usually working and would not be off in time to get there.  I did not have to work today so I was able to make this workout.

I have one more week until 16 weeks out from the marathon I am running in October.  I'm not ready to start training again but I guess I need to get myself ready.  At least 4 others from my Thursday night running group are also running the same marathon so that will help to have others getting excited about it too.

Well, tomorrow I do have to work and early too so I guess I better get to bed.  I was just so happy about doing speedwork that I had to write about it!!

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