Tuesday, October 5, 2010

People watching

This past weekend I saw some rather interesting sights.  Saturday I worked at an expo for senior citizens medical services.  They served refreshments--donuts, donuts, donuts!  I kept seeing morbidly obese senior citizens stuffing the donuts in their mouths.  One morbidy obese lady had 3 donuts in the basket of her walker then sat down on a bench right across from my table and proceeded to eat the 3 donuts.  One man came buzzing through in his power chair with his plate of donuts on his lap.  The power chair people were there too, touting the fact that medicare or medicaid or whatever will pay for the chairs.  If these people can get these chairs for free what incentive is there to lose weight to improve one's life????????? 
Sunday, after I ran my half marathon, I staffed our first aid station for a fall festival in one of the small communities in our service area.  I got to sit and people watch a lot.  Oh my, the things I observed!  A morbidly obese woman pushin her walker with the seat says,"I gotta stop", and proceeds to turn the walker around and sit on the seat.  Where the handles form where the seat attaches is a triangle shaped opening and the fat on her thighs was bulging through the triangle shaped opening, it was quite a sight.  She then proceeded to smoke a cigarette, then another, then another.  Hmmmmmmm.....well, it's job security for when I'm a respiratory therapist!!!!! 
OK, I'm done now!  Sorry for using the phrase morbidly obese so much; it was the word of the day for me this weekend!!!! 
I still think of the 65 yr old woman I kept seeing during the marathon in May.  I want to be like Dorothy when I grow up!!! 

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