Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Forget what I said about cold weather gear in my last post!

November 8th and it's 65 degrees at 6:30pm!  Yes, that was the situation this evening here in, of all places, southeast Michigan! 
I had tights, baselayer and long sleeve shirt stuffed in my bag and then I realized that it was already 52 degrees at 9:30am, so in went a pair of shorts and short sleeve shirt just in case.  I'm glad I threw in those just in case provisions! 
I studied in the library all afternoon (true nerd style) then headed over to the running store for group run.  I passed a business just down the street from the running store that has a sign which displays the temperature and it said 65! 
This was our first run post time change.  It was completely dark well before our start time of 6:30pm.  Until now it was still light when we started but dark by the time we finished.  Nothing a neon yellow running shirt, headlamp and reflective arm bands can't make work! 
Last week I got new running shoes.  Every time I get new running shoes I can't wait to get them dirty!  They are soooooo white and clean, I can be seen coming a mile away!  I got more dirt on them tonight.  The dirt roads weren't really muddy but it had rained a little so there was slightly wet dirt to pick up!!
Well, running is done so it's time to get back to the nerd part of Runner Nerd; big test tomorrow.
Runner Nerd
enjoying unseasonable November weather

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