Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's running group day and it's raining out there.

I'm sitting here in the library, been studying for a few hours and it's just about time to leave for running group.  Normally that would make me excited and anticipatory (is that really a word) but it's raining outside and I HATE running in the rain.  It's also cold - 38 degrees to be exact.  I'm not looking forward to this; I'm actually wishing I could study more - now that IS crazy!! 
Two more weeks to go!!  My last final is Dec. 7th and it can't come soon enough.  My brain is exhausted!  I got a much needed 100% on an exam in a class last week.  I'm in the 4.0 range but just barely.  Now I just have to ace that final. 

Well, I am off to run in the rain, get soaked and freeze! 

Runner Nerd
needs a break!

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