Monday, January 16, 2012

Runner Nerd Runs Slow

Runner Nerd runs slow these days.  I ran 4.5 miles yesterday and each mile got slower than the one before.  It took me 50 minutes to run 4.6 miles.  Today I ran 3 miles in 34 minutes so I am sloooowwww!!  I had my gear all packed so I could change after class and head to the nearby small town where I've been running lately but I discovered that I did not have my running shoes.  Figures.  So, I came home, changed and ran my 3.2 mile route here.  I was losing daylight fast even though I was done at 5:17pm. 
Yesterday I wore my miracle shirt because it was 20 degrees but today it was 41 degrees and I only needed 2 regular long sleeve running shirts.  Only in Michigan.  I was pretty excited to wear the miracle shirt but 2 miles into my run I was too warm.  This shirt is for really really super cold days! I had a feeling that it wasn't really cold enough to wear it but I just wanted to wear it.  My prediction may come true - now that I have this "miracle shirt", we'll have a mild winter and I won't need it!!  (I won't complain!)

School is back into full swing now.  My first test of the semester is next Monday.  I have classes most of the day Monday, and clinicals at a hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  My clinicals are afternoon shift so Monday is the only day I have to get up early (or what I consider early)!!  I had to give up Tuesday night running group because of my school schedule.  I will be there the 1st Tuesday in March because it's spring break and then not again until April 24th.  I'm very sad about it but it's all part of being the world's oldest college student. 
This weekend I will go back to the public library to camp out at my favorite table for hours in hopes of maintaining my 4.0 GPA.  I had forgotten how exciting college life is when I was off for 5 weeks. 
It will be fun to watch the daylight last longer and later as I run in the town where the library is after it closes and I leave - 6 p.m. on Fridays and 5 p.m Saturdays and Sundays. 

Runner Nerd
running slow

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