Sunday, January 8, 2012

Muddy Shoes

Muddy shoes after a night cross country race

Muddy shoes are the result of a successful run!!  Last night was a run which produced many muddy shoes!  It was a night cross country race which I have run before.  Usually, this race is run in knee-deep snow (well, almost knee-deep!).  This year there was no snow and the temperature was mid 30s! 
It is an 8 miler run as 4 loops of 2 miles each.  Most of the loop is on part of the high school's cross country course; it even includes a short jaunt into the woods!  Soooooo, most of each loop was also very MUDDY!!!!  In fact, each time around the loop it was muddier than the time before! 
I ran as part of a 2 person relay so I only had to run 2 loops, or 4 miles.   I haven't run more than 5 miles since the Thanksgiving 10K and most of my runs have been 3 or 4 miles so it would have been tough to run 8 miles but I was going to do it.  One of my fellow Tuesday night running group members decided yesterday afternoon that he would like to be on a relay team since he took advantage of the unseasonable temperatures and absence of snow to go for a 50 mile bike ride!!  I was really really happy to get the text asking if I'd relay!!! 
After the race there is food in the school cafeteria.  The floor of the cafeteria was completely mud covered from everyone walking around in their muddy shoes!! 
My relay partner and I placed 2nd in the over 90 years age group!!!  (ages added together)  Everyone from our Tuesday night running group who participated went home with a medal, just like we did last year! 
I thought that I would be wearing my new miracle shirt at this race but it still wasn't cold enough for the miracle shirt.  I have yet to wear it!!  What I said in my blog post the day I bought it may come true!! (Now that I have this miracle shirt we will have a mild winter in which it will not get cold enough to wear it!)

Runner Nerd
hoping for a mild winter

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