Friday, April 27, 2012

Another semster in the books!

Took my last final exam on Monday so this semester is now over!!  I've been spending the last few days just goofing off and pretending that I'm not a college student!! I have to start another semester on Monday.
My teachers had posted the grades and I knew I had all 4.0 but today the grades were actually posted on my "report card".  I logged in and all I saw were FOURS!!!!!! 
I am such a nerd!!! 
Since my clinicals ended last Thursday, I was able to go to my Tuesday night running group this week!! 
I haven't been running much lately because I've been having some symptoms of planter fasciitis.  The worst thing ever was when I had to stand at clinical.  I could run around the hospital all day but as soon as I had to stand in one place for any amount of time, even a few minutes, my heel hurt extremely, horribly, unbearably bad.  (How's that for an overuse of adjectives!!!)  I won't have clinical this summer so hopefully I can get rid of this.  I may have to go to the runner injury clinic on the 1st Thursday of May. 
At least I am still a nerd! 

Runner Nerd
more nerd than runner

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