Saturday, May 26, 2012

Running to Save 2nd Base

Another Race for the Cure is in the books!  This is one of my favorite events.  It's for a good cause, of course, but it's just fun!  The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure event in Detroit is one of the largest at over 30,000 participants.  It's also the flattest 5K course I know of!  My 5K PR was set there!  I PR'd there 3 years in a row (4 if my first 5K counts as a PR!).  I don't run anywhere near 23 minutes anymore but I have to say that this will most likely be the fastest 5K I run this summer.  It began raining near the end of my race so I didn't stick around very long afterward.  I usually wander around looking at the exhibits and getting lots of free samples from the sponsors and get my picture taken (which I can download for FREE a few days later!).  But, the rain was chilly so I got a banana, water and cut diagonally across the big parking lot where everything is set up.  I did manage to pick up a PINK grocery type bag and a really cool pink and lime green pen and got a bagel from Panera Bread!!  I made my way back to the Fox Theater parking garage where I always park, and left.  This was the fastest I've ever made it from the garage to the highway entrance!  That 30-45 minutes that I didn't wander around really made a difference.  It usually takes forever to get from the garage to the highway ramp which is a very short distance.
One of the t-shirts on display!

walkers finishing up (taken from Fox parking garage)

No baseball; Today, Comerica Park is hosting the Race for the Cure!

I have more pictures but it won't upload them so either I will have to make another post or try to edit this later.  I wanted to post a picture of the big Tiger sporting a pink ribbon!
After returning from the race, I had to get back to my task at hand: getting ready for hosting my family and other friends on Memorial Day.  Since becoming the world's oldest college student, my house is quite possibly a candidate for the messy house show on TV but I am working on that since inviting everyone over after the big parade in my hometown.  It's looking much better; I even discovered a dining room table under a mountain of textbooks, folders, notebooks and much unopened and should have been thrown away mail!!  What's more important - a 4.0 GPA or a clean house?????  That's easy - the 4.0, of course!!!!  A true nerd settles for nothing less!!!!

Runner Nerd

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