Saturday, June 2, 2012

The things I do!!

Today I volunteered for the local running store at the expo of a half marathon taking place tomorrow.  I dressed as the Statue of Liberty to hand out brochures of an upcoming patriotic themed race!!  My running store of choice, Running Fit, is known for crazy, weird events and this is going to be one of them!  They are attempting to set a Guinness record of the most running Statues of Liberties!  Running Fit has purchased 1500 of these costumes and hope to get 1500 people to run in them.  It was fun and kids wanted to have their picture taken with me!!!  A couple people just took pictures!  I also ended up giving directions to restrooms, pointing out where the the race numbers were posted, where to head to pick up packets, stopped people heading in without getting their bib number from the wall first!  I was very useful in spite of my silly appearance!!
One of the kids who got his picture taken with me!       

The things I do!! 
After the expo, I went over to Bandemer Park to run a few miles.  My heel hurt when I started running so I ended up having to walk a half mile to get my heel and ankle stretched out so I could run.  I ran so slow.  The trail along the headrace is now paved.  I wish they had left it dirt; it was my 2nd favorite part of my favorite 4.5 mile route.  Oh well.  After coming out of Argo woods and along the boardwalk back into Bandemer Park, as I came under the highway bridge - there was a car laying upside down in the grass alongside Barton Drive.  The people were all out and were ok.  That was unexpected!!  I finished up and headed home. 
Tomorrow I am walking a CF walk (cystic fibrosis) with some of my respiratory therapy classmates and our teachers.  I'm not sure what the distance is; I don't know if it's a 5K or just a mile or some other distance.  I once walked a 5K and it was harder than running one. 
I didn't do any homework today - not very nerdlike. 
Runner Nerd
does silly things

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