Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Running in Lights

Last night was one of my favorite events!  This is the 5th year I've run it. It is the Wayne County Lightfest Run Through the Lights 8K.  It's a 5 mile long drive-through holiday light display that is along a road that runs through a string of parks.  Every evening during the holidays for certain hours it is closed to regular traffic and cars drive one way through.  They always have a run on the Tuesday of opening week.  It will open on Friday.
This run is just for fun.  There are no bib numbers, no chips, no timing, no winners, no age groups or anything but an unbelievable number of people show up for this!!  They allow both running and walking, strollers and dogs too.  They say it's a dress rehearsal but I think it's a way to get extra money for the electric bill this thing must ring up!!  It doesn't cost as much as most races, I think I paid $15.00 and they give a nice long sleeve t-shirt.  I like the long sleeve t-shirts!
They give each person a glow necklace.  You will see people wearing all kinds of light up things.  A couple years ago I got the idea to attach a short string of battery operated lights that I use on a wreath to my shirt.  In other words, I run wearing Christmas lights!!!!
This is my friend and I with our lights and glow sticks: 
 Here we are by one of the light displays:
 Here we are helping the elves:
We had so much fun!  My friend in the pictures is also running the half in Key West.  When I run with her she pulls me along faster than I'd normally run.  I ran with her and running group friend who usually runs a lot faster than me.  I ran the 5 miles in 49:22, a 9:52 pace, quite a bit faster than I have been running on my own.  My foot behaved and the weather wasn't as nice as last year (mid 50s); it was 35 degrees, which isn't bad for running. 
I have two more holiday themed races, one is in the evening so I will get to wear my lights again!!  The other is in the morning so I will just wear my red and white knee socks!

As for the other part of my life - college - I will be done with classes in 3 weeks!!  I will be graduating in 31 days!!!  I'm almost done being the world's oldest college student!!

Runner Nerd
runs wearing lights

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