Saturday, November 17, 2012

Long run

Today I ran the farthest since coming back from Plantar Fasciitis.  I ran 7 miles and it went quite well!  I didn't get out to run until nearly 4pm because I spent yesterday and most of today with my niece who is due to have a baby next week.  She needed help with laundry because she isn't able to reach down into the washing machine right now.  She's been exhausted lately and had a mountain of clean as well as dirty laundry.  We washed loads of laundry and folded the mountain of clean laundry.  She has a big walk in closet and the floor was completely covered and you couldn't walk into it.  I crawled in there and just started folding clothes and pulling other stuff out to see what she wanted done with it.  We got a lot done that she has trouble doing by herself right now.  So, anyway, after my job was done there, I headed on over to one of my favorite running parks, Hudson Mills, to run 7 miles.  I had 7 miles on my schedule and Hudson Mills just happens to have 7 miles of paved trails!!  It was starting to get dark by the time I got done.  It's unusual to go for my run that late in the day and especially after having a big lunch!  Yep, my niece and I took a lunch break and went to TGI Friday!  It's our favorite place to go; we've been going there together for years.  I was kind of dreading the run since it was so late in the day but it seemed to go by fast.  I actually enjoyed it.  I had no problem with my foot.  My run ended by the office/activity building and I went in and used the restroom and then jogged out to my car!!  I know that doesn't sound like much but when I was battling the plantar fasciitis, once I stopped running it didn't take long until my foot would stiffen up and it would be hard to walk on!!  I really feel like I am back and on my way to Key West!!!!  Just 10 weeks from tomorrow!!  I can't wait to be there!!!

In the week coming up, it's Turkey Trot time!!  I'm running a 10K at the Y.  I'm also volunteering with setting up for packet pick up, and clean up after the race.  This started out in 2005 when one of the trainers put up a sign to go running on Thanksgiving morning.  There were 7 of us that icy morning and we ran 5 miles!!  This year we had just shy of 700 participants.  There is a 5K and 10K. 

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