Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Afternoon in Chicago

I've been working on a race report and I'm still waiting for my daughter to send me the pictures that she took during the marathon.  She used her camera (not cell phone) so she has to connect the camera to her computer and get the pics off the camera which she hasn't done yet.  She uses her ipad a lot more then her computer.  So, I am waiting on my 22 yr old college student!

I guess I could write about Saturday afternoon in Chicago! 
Saturday afternoon I met up with a gal whose blog I follow.  Her name is Katie, she blogs as From Ice Cream to Marathon. She invited me a few days before we went to Chicago; she had arranged a meet up of several running bloggers who were going to be in Chicago to run the marathon.  I almost didn't go.  I was staying in Mt. Prospect, IL which is a suburb north of Chicago.  I was not sure about taking trains and then finding the place.  Going to the expo on Friday was quite an ordeal.   I found a trip planner on the Chicago Transit website.  We could take a train from the nearby Skokie station to the Howard station, transfer to a red line train and get off at Michigan Ave.  The frozen yogurt place, Pinkberry, was only a few blocks from the train station.  My daughter and I decided that we could do it!  Saturday morning I drove to the Skokie station, paid $3.00 to park for the day, got our train tickets and waited for the train.  It was a half hour ride to where we were going.  The train stopped a lot.  My daughter and I really enjoyed looking at everything through the windows.  The farm girls made it to downtown Chicago!  We went early and walked to the Water Tower Place mall.  My daughter wanted to go in and look around the American Girl store.  She had an American Girl doll when she was little.  The big store in Chicago opened right about the time she was just about too old to play with American Girl dolls.  I remember reading about it and talking about maybe going but we never did.  She wanted to just go in and see what it was all about for, as she put it, her inner 10 year old!  It was fun to see the little girls who were there with their American Girl dolls with them. We wandered around the Mall a little while more.  We went to the top floor on escalators. 
We then headed over to Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt place, to meet up with the bloggers!  My daughter then went off by herself; she wanted to go to the Niketown store.  Three ladies were already there and soon Katie and some others came walking down the street!  I recognized her right away from her blog pictures!
Katie of "From Ice Cream to Marathon"
Bloggers carb loading on fro-yo!
Soon, my daughter and I had to get back to the train station to get back to Mt. Prospect.  My sis-in-laws cousin was making dinner for us.  The farm girls from Michigan survived the big city! 

Hopefully, I will be able to post about my marathon and show a few pictures.


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