Saturday, August 14, 2010

soaked but not from rain

I had to work this morning and early afternoon so I had to do my long run from 4 to 6:30PM.  I don't know what the temperature was but it was hot.  I have never been as soaked as I was today other than running in pouring rain.  My shoes were even soaked but there were no puddles at any place in my 14 mile run.  My shorts were dripping when I stopped running; I stood there looking down at the drops falling off the bottom edge!! 
This run started out pretty good and went well for about 8 miles then it got tough.  I had so many thoughts of calling it quits at 10 miles but I didn't.  The last 2 miles were the worst; I was barely moving.  Everybody is telling me that it's the heat or that it's the humidity and I sure hope it is or I am in serious trouble and will never be able to run a marathon in October at this rate.  2 weeks ago I ran a 10 mile trail run in 1:38 and today I ran 14 miles in 2:38--a whole hour for an extra 4 miles????????????  Yep, I'm in trouble if I think I am going to run a marathon.  I had water and gatorade with me today.  There were several drinking fountains on the route and never had to drink from my water bottle until somewhere around 8 miles.  I ran the 5 mile loop to Parker Mill and went looking for a drinking fountain there.  I found one but the water was warm. The water coming from the sink in the bathroom was cold so I filled my bottle with that for the last 2.5 miles. 

A friend gave me 2 packs of Accel Gel which is 4:1 carbs/protein.  Last week I had vanilla and today was chocolate.  I do like it better than Gu.  I'm not crazy about it but it is better than Gu.  The vanilla had a caramel-like taste.  I am going to get some and keep using it.  The packets are bigger than Gu packets even though the amount is the same.   I will have to see how 6 packets fit into my spi belt.  Gu gits perfectly.
I have also found something else that I like.  Powerbar Gel Blasts!!  I actually like them.  It's like eating candy!!  I compared the nutrition label for them and Sport Beans, Gu chomps and Gu and it is similar.  I have not tried them mid-run yet. 

Tomorrow I am volunteering at a triathlon type race.  It's 10 legs covering 42 miles.  5 running , 2 biking and 3 swim.  I am manning an aid station; I did the same one last year.  The competitors run through it twice on legs 4 and 6. 

My body is sore and stiff and my right calf keeps getting a cramp.  I think it's time for bed.  BUT...first I have to get my running clothes out of the washer.  I washed them with a free sample of new Tide Sport and can't wait to see if I notice any difference!!!! 

Runner Nerd

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