Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Running, Bad Running

My marathon training isn't exactly going as planned.  2 weeks ago a 10 mile run turned into a 9 mile run and I was barely moving at the end.  (actually from 7.2 miles on I was barely moving)  Last week a 12 mile run turned into a 10 mile run and, again, I was barely moving at the end of it.  I am having serious doubts about this marathon in October.

This past Saturday I did a 10 mile trail run that I have run in the past.  I was just treating it as a long run and just hoping not to fall.  I actually did better than I expected.  I had 1:38:13.  A week ago it took me 1:52 to run 10 miles on relatively flat paved trails and I was barely moving by the end.  I think my training plan had 14 miles for this weeks long run. 

I've done speedwork the last 2 weeks and it has went pretty good. Tonight I started a core class that will run for 10 weeks.  It's only 30 minutes and I figured I could handle that.  I am already feeling it and it's only been 2.5 hrs since class!! 

I'm going to keep at it and hopefully get things together in time to train for this marathon.  My summer class ends next Tuesday.  I have everything done so I just have to show up tomorrow and next week. 

I have to get a new laptop and I hate making decisions on things I know nothing about.  I have been looking at them twice.  I need to make a decision so I can get it bought and then during the 2 weeks between summer and fall classes I can work on getting whatever I need from this computer over to the new one.  Most people would be excited about getting a new computer but not me.  New running shoes or running clothes or running that's another story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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