Saturday, August 28, 2010

Half Marathon for long run

I ran a half marathon this morning as my long run.  For the first time ever I had a time of over 2 hours for a half marathon. :(   I had 2:09:11. 
When I finished all I could think of is that in 7 weeks I have to go twice that far.  What a scary thought at this point in time.  I sure have a very long way to go in those 7 weeks. 

Last week's run went well.  I only ran 10.  I had a wedding to go to in Traverse City.  I almost forgot about the wedding and I had never booked a hotel room and 2 days before there were very few hotel rooms to be had in Traverse City.  Those available were very expensive or required 2 night minimums.  I stayed in cadillac which is about 50 mins south.  The hotels there are much less than in Traverse City.  I found out about a paved walking/biking trail circling Lake Cadillac and it's 7 miles!!  I had found my long run route!  From my hotel to the trail was 1.5 miles so there was my 10 mile route!  I did that Sunday morning and got back while the breakfast bar was still going!  I was quite sweaty and still had my water bottle belt on and had one of those big waffles drowned in maple syrup!!!!!!! Perfect after a 10 miler!!  

Soooooooooooo, yeah, tomorrow is 7 weeks out from Grand Rapids marathon.

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