Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tide Sport detergent

Sooooooo, the other day I mentioned that I had received a free sample of Tide's new product, Tide Sport, and I was washing the disgusting running clothes from Saturdays 14 miler. Well...they still had that faint running clothes smell. Maybe you have to use the special "sport" detergents over and over to remove the smells or  maybe you have to start with brand new clothes and use these special "sport" detergents.  Who knows??? 

I got the samples from a lady in the grocery store.  She asked me if I was interested in a sample and when I saw what it was I got all excited (like a dork) and told her I run, in fact I had just went running before going to the grocery store so she gave me 4 of the packets!!!!  The only problem is that I usually wash my running clothes all by themselves with the water level on low and the packets are for a full load.  Saturday I washed some towels and other things with the running clothes.  I guess I could try guessing how much to use and then fold the packet over and paper clip it and put it up somewhere where it won't fall over. 

Anyway....I have yet to hear anyone swear by any certain detergent for running clothes.

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