Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday running

I'm the one wearing a skirt and striped knee socks!! Tonight was the Holiday Hustle 5K!  I ran pretty good!  Well, good for me these days!  I ran the 5K at a 9:12 pace.  I also wore my string of Christmas lights but they don't show in this picture.  This was the last event I get to wear the lights but I still have one more event to wear the knee socks!! 

I have ONE more class left!!!  Monday is my last class!!  I have clinical on Tuesday and Thursday and then I am DONEEEEEEE!!!!!  Graduation is the 15th!!  The end is near!!!!!!  Then end is in sight!!!!!!  Light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!!!  Can you tell that I'm excited!!!! 

Runner Nerd
almost done

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