Sunday, June 23, 2013

16 weeks

16 weeks from right now, I will be lining up with 39,999 others to run this thing called the Chicago Marathon!!  I'm getting excited. 
I still need to pick a plan and commit to it.  I've been going over a couple of plans from the Chicago Marathon website.  I'm also going over Hal Higdon's Intermediate plan.  I'm pretty sure it was the plan I used for my first 3 marathons.  (My 3rd one is my PR of 4:09)

I didn't do my long run yesterday because I'm doing it today at 4pm.  I'm running with the Ironman training group from the gym, same people I do track workouts with on Wednesdays.  They are swimming this morning, I believe they are swimming the Ironman distance of 2.4 miles. They will then be biking 100 miles, they are out there biking right now.  There are a couple people who will be joining them for the last 30 miles of the ride.  After that, they will be running 10 miles and that's when I join in the fun!  I'm running with two men who normally run faster than I do but after a long swim and 100 mile ride won't be moving along normal speed.  They want to stay right around 10 minute miles so that's my job!  It's going to be around 85 degrees when we run and the sun is out and shining brightly today!  This will end their biggest training week, then they will taper for 3 weeks and do their Ironman!  They may be running 20 miles next week, I'm not sure.  If so, I'll probably run along some portion of the 20 but that will be in the  morning.  Today's training is to mimic the actual race day.  They will be running the marathon in the afternoon heat and sun so today they practice in it. 

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runs with Ironmen

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  1. That's so cool that you can help two big "Ironman" guys pace! Someday I think I would love to be a know, YEARS from now when I can run efficiently. ;)