Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spirit of the Marathon 2

I went to see Spirit of the Marathon 2 this evening.  I didn't dislike it but I like the first one a lot more.  The stories were good but it was harder to follow because I did not understand the language of some of the featured people.  I prefer to just watch a movie and not have to read the translation of what they are saying in another language.  Several times I missed something because I was looking at something on the screen that caught my eye and then the words were gone.  Also, the other way around; I'm reading the words and missing out on what's going on.  Maybe it's just me.  Last night I re-watched the first Spirit of the Marathon on Netflix; maybe that was a mistake!  In spite of being a bit disappointed with having to read so many translations, I am more excited than ever to get going with Chicago training! 

In order to go to the movie this evening, I had to miss the group track workout.  Today was hills!  Earlier in the day, I went to the usual high school track and ran a mile warm up on the paved trail that is right by the school then on over to the street where the big hill is.  I did 8 loops all by myself.  The climb up the hill is .3 mile and then we turn on another street which loops around and comes out close to where we start each hill repeat.  The complete loop is .6 mile: .3 uphill and .3 downhill.  This takes place in a neighborhood with little traffic.  When I was there at 1pm there was no traffic.  I never saw a car on the street until my last loop.  There is more traffic at 6:30 pm when people are home from work.  There were two houses where a lawn service was there mowing and working in the yards and I think I provided some entertainment to those people!!  I know they stared each time I passed by!  My total run was 7.1 miles.  It was tough but I felt good afterward! 
After the movie, I gave in to temptation and drove over to a place that I should stay far away from!!  It's a good thing that this place is not very close by and I'm in the area infrequently!  I went to Sugar Berry Frozen Yogurt; it's a self serve frozen yogurt place.  Oh my!!  I made sure to completely fill the bowl with several different flavors such as red velvet, cheesecake, vanilla, and birthday cake!  I topped it off with white chocolate and caramel!  I hope we do one of our longer routes tomorrow night at group run! 

Runner Nerd
ran, went to movie, ate frozen yogurt, had a great day

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