Saturday, June 15, 2013

A PR while running in costume

I have a new 10K PR!!  I even ran this new PR time while wearing a Statue of Liberty Costume!
Once again, I was leaving my house in the early hours of the morning.  
This is my friend and I before the race.  I'm on the left. 
Statues of Liberty ready to run
This was the Liberty Run.  Registration for this race includes a Statue of Liberty costume.  After the race, all of the Statues are gathered in a fenced area for the purpose of making a Guinness Book record of most people dressed as the Statue of Liberty.  This was done last year and was certified by Guinness and this year they wanted to break their own record! 
I ran the race with my friend, Erika.  We didn't even warm up; we just lined up when it was time:
lining up at the start
For running, we gathered our Liberty dresses up on one side and used a hair tie to hold them up.  I also wore my race # belt which helped me to control the thing while I was running!  I definitely wasn't a 65 minute pacer for this race!  This was tough!  The last two miles got really tough.  At one point, I fell behind Erika and she kept yelling to get caught up with her and somehow I did. 
We crossed the finish line with our torches raised high!
I looked at my Garmin after I pushed the button and it said, 53:40!!  I can't remember ever having a 10K time under 54 minutes!!  I'm pretty sure this is a PR for me!
Then we had the record breaking gathering.  They set up a timing mat at the entrance to a fenced area; as each person crosses the mat (with race bib still on) they are recorded.  The gathering has to be for 10 minutes.
Statues of Liberty as far as the eye can see!
After we exited the gathering area, Erika noticed the race results posted and so we went over there to see what our times were.  We both discovered that we were 2nd in our age groups!!  We got beer glasses!  the glasses are hard to see in the picture.  Our torches are in the glasses. 
Age group awards
Erika and I have run in prom dresses and Christmas lights and now Statue of Liberty costumes!  We were thinking of how we could use the costumes again for a Halloween race.  I was also thinking that I could wear it on New Years Eve in New York City in the Midnight Run! 
We are planning on doing the Red Carpet Run again this year and are making plans for what we're going to wear.
Tomorrow is 17 weeks out from the Chicago Marathon so it's only 1 more week until I will officially be training!  A few weeks later, Erika will start training for the New York Marathon. 
I'm exhausted tonight.  This early morning stuff is not for me!  Soon, I will be going to group long runs at 8am on Saturdays - oh joy! 

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  1. Wow!! That is an AWESOME time, and the costumes are fantastic! I laughed at the picture of you two crossing the finish line! :)

    Congrats on the beer glasses! Very cool! You have me thinking the Prom Dress run might be fun...loved the pictures!

    1. The Red Carpet run is August 7th in West Bloomfield. It's on a Wednesday evening. It's a lot of fun.
      It might not be that far from you.

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