Friday, February 18, 2011

Muddy Shoes!

The sign of a successful run!
My running shoes are a muddy mess and I couldn't be happier!!!!  I love muddy running shoes! 
After work I ran my very most favoritest route.  I haven't been to this trail in forever.  Most of it is not cleared in the winter and with all the snow we've had I knew it would be impossible to run on.  Now that most of the snow is melted I decided it's time to get back there.  I knew the woods would be muddy.  The trail along the headrace still had a lot of slushy snow but other than that it felt great to run with good footing.  I ran really good (for me lately) other than the trail with snow and through the muddy woods.  I almost fell in the woods, I started sliding in the mud going downhill.  I stepped off the side of the trail and grabbed a tree branch to stop!  I saw a lot of other people out running!  I saw several people in shorts but with long sleeve shirts and one dude was wearing long pants but a short sleeve shirt but nobody in shorts and short sleeves.  I guess it's not quite that warm yet!!!  (just an observation I made!)  As I ran along the river I was thinking ahead to when all the baby duckies will be there!!  I can't wait; I love the baby duckies in the spring when they are still tiny and following their mommies around. 

I wish I was that excited about the test I have on Monday.  I had to work today and was not too happy about it.  Some of my classmates were getting together in the library to study this afternoon and I was not able to go because of work.  I really would have liked to have studied with others because there is so much confusing material in this unit.  It's so complicated.  BUT....if I hadn't have worked I wouldn't have been in Ann Arbor and would not have went running in Bandemer Park, I probably wouldn't have went running at all so I guess my run is one good thing that came from having to work.

I saw this today:

motorcycle in February

 A motorcycle!  I didn't think it was that warm but I guess if we runners are silly enough to go running when the temperature is below zero in deep snow then motorcycle riders can ride in the 40s! 

Well, I guess I better get back to homework.  I got to do it all today: work, run and homework!

Runner Nerd

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