Sunday, February 20, 2011

A weekend to write home (or blog) about!

Oh, I have such an exciting and glamorous life!!  My weekends are filled with one exciting social event after another! HA HA! 
Saturday I spent the afternoon (2-5pm) in the Chelsea Public Library and closed the place down!  I was the last one to leave!  I then moved myself and all my books, papers, pen, pencil, highlighters, index cards, calculator, laptop and the backpack that hauls it all down the road to Wendy's.  I bought a large iced tea, thus making me a customer, thus allowing me to use the wireless internet and a booth.  (it was a mini booth.)  I continued studying for 3 more hours.  It was nearly 9pm when I left.  I had to stop at the grocery store to get my poor starving cat some food.  (no, my cat wasn't starving but I emptied the bag that morning.)  The Library in Chelsea is a good place to study.  The 2nd floor has tables with a lamp in the middle and electric outlets and computer outlets on the top of the tables.  They have wireless internet so I've never used the internet outlet but they are there, you never know, the wireless routher might not be working someday.  It's usually reasonably quiet in there.  Yesterday the second floor was overrun with noisy little kids.  They were running around.  I can usually block things out but it's hard to miss when they bump into your chair or bang something on the table.  One little guy kept unplugging his headphones so the music of his little game would be audible to everyone around.  I don't miss having little kids at all.
Today I set out to go to the college library but on my way there it started snowing and not just flurries, it was really snowing.  I had a couple stops to make first then decided instead of going all the way out to the college I'd just study at Panera since it is on the north side of town and I live north of town and the college is on the south edge of the county and way south of town.  It snowed the whole time I was there and then began raining.  I could see I94 from Panera and every time I looked out the window the cars were going slower and slower.  When I left Panera after 3 hours of studying my car had a coating of ice.  There better not be a snow day tomorrow.  I am so ready for this test!!!!!! 
So, you see my weekend was filled with all the excitement one could ask for.  I just know you are jealous!!

Well, I'm going to go over a few things again then go to bed; it just doesn't get more exciting than this!!  There are snowmobiles driving by the house in the road! 

Runner Nerd
all studied out

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