Sunday, December 4, 2011

Almost There

The end is in sight!!  Tomorrow I have 2 finals.  It has been a nightmare of a weekend studying for 2 finals plus a little studying for a 3rd which is on Wednesday. 
I ran the Holiday Hustle yesterday afternoon with much guilt hanging over me for abandoning my studying.  Oh well, it was fun!  When else may one wear Christmas lights and Santa knee socks and jingling bells in public???  I have pictures but that is going to have to wait till after Wednesday.  (as if there are people waiting to see them) 
The weekend after Thanksgiving is always a big sale at my running store of choice!  I went over there Friday to get my race number and got a winter shirt that I drooled over all last winter!!  I was so excited when I saw it on the 50% off rack!!  There was even one in my size!!!!!!  (usually most of the 50% off stuff is either extra super small or extra super large)  All last winter I would walk over and just touch it when I was there for running group!! (I know, what a dork!)  It was just toooooooo expensive; even 50% off was too expensive.  Well, I now own it!!  I would have loved to have worn it at the race yesterday but it wasn't cold enough to wear this shirt.  This shirt is going to be for those sub zero days in January and February.  I'm secretly hoping that since I now have this miracle shirt that I won't even get to wear it because we will have such a mild winter and it will never get into the single and negative digit temps!!  Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!  I can wish but I am sure that I will get to wear that shirt quite a few times.
Well, I must be getting to sleep so I can go and rock these 2 finals tomorrow.  They are going to be tough.  I'm nervous. 

Runner Nerd
all studied out

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