Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done!!!!!!!

This semester is HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!  Took my last final exam today! 
Grades were posted for the classes I finished on Monday.  Nothing but FOUR POINT!!!! 
I totally rocked one final - 100%!!  I can hardly believe it!!  I got 94 on the other final; that class was the one I had the hardest time with, so glad to have that 4.0 recorded in the grade book!!  I felt pretty good today after finishing the exam so I'm sure I will also get a 4.0 in that class.  I had 98 going into the final. 
I am so glad this semester is over; it has been a long semester.   The teachers of the program said it is the most difficult semester and it sure has been.  It also marks the end of the first year in the program, one year from now I will be graduated!!  The 2nd year class graduated Monday.  One more year to go! 

I was going to go for a run after leaving school but I discovered I had forgotten to pack my running shoes.  I had all my clothes but forgot to throw the shoes in.  I guess I'll go for a run tomorrow.  It will be wonderful to be able to go out and run without guilt hanging over my head. 

Well, I watched my favorite (and the only one I watch) TV show, Ghosthunters, and now I am going to watch a Netflix movie because I don't have any homework to do!!!  I can do anything I want to!!!!!!   My brain needs a break! 

Runner Nerd
off nerd duty for a month!!

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