Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time to get life back to normal

The big day has come and gone.  Another Christmas is in the books.  Next Christmas I will no longer be the world's oldest college student!!  I'll be all graduated! 
I got my daughter an ipad and she loves it!  She has been playing with it and downloading games.  There is even a game for the cat to play!  We went to the apple store today to get a case to protect it.  She will be using it when she gets back to college.  She is getting a stylus that she can use to take notes on the ipad.  Now I want one!!  Maybe after I graduate. 
I have to go back to school and resume my role as the world's oldest college student in 12 days.  Right now I'm loving not having anything to do.  I really needed this break.  I know it can't last forever.  I have 2 books to get ordered. Because I'm a college student, I get free song downloads from Amazon every time I order textbooks!!  This will be the last time I have to order textbooks.  The rest of the program will not require any more new books!!  
I also need to get my running log book caught up.  I've never let it get this far behind.  I think I last recorded a run back in September.  I have all my runs on my Garmin and I have uploaded them all to Garmin connect and put notes on there.  I have no idea of what my mileage is going to add up to for the year.  I'm sure I won't reach 1000 miles this year.  I think I've ran over 1000 miles for the last 4 years. 

I'm falling asleep.  Last night I stayed up half the night watching you tube videos of old REO Speedwagon concerts and songs.  I can do that while I'm on break from school!!!!  I ended up downloading some songs I have always loved and used to listen to on records and cassette tapes!!   The REO dudes were so young in those videos and the wild hair was soooooo funny!! 
Ok, before I fall asleep...
Runner Nerd
college student on break who stays up all night watching music videos!! 

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