Sunday, July 1, 2012

Long Run

Yep, did a long run today.  I ran the incredibly long distance of.......5 miles!  I can't believe that I'm calling 5 miles a long run these days.  I am happy to say that my heel behaved!!  Yayyyy, heel!!  I ran incredibly slow but I felt good and not so out of breath as I've been feeling on runs.  Going uphill was tough but overall this was a really good run!!  Now I know that the 4th of July 5 mile run is possible.  I will sign up at packet pick up the evening of the 3rd.  Last year I thought I was slow when my time was just over 50 minutes.  (50:10, I think) but this year I will just be aiming to come in under an hour.  My run today was 54 minutes, so I'm sure I can be in within an hour. 

After my run, I drove home, showered, ate yogurt with blueberries and then I was off to the library back to my other life as the world's oldest college student.  I worked 3.5 hours solid which I needed to do without distractions.  I got a lot accomplished.  Yayyyy me!!! 

Runner Nerd
runner for 1 hr, nerd for 3.5 hrs.

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