Thursday, June 28, 2012

HOT HOT HOT......(the weather, that is!)

Today, I saw a temp of 99 on the sign in front of my credit union.  The highest I saw on my thermometer at home was 96.  96, 99, either way it's pretty hot out there!  Everywhere I go people are complaining like crazy about the heat.  In the bitter cold of winter we long for the beautiful, sunny, warm days of summer and then when they get here all we do is complain, complain, complain. I'm sure not complaining!!  I love it!! 
No running today; today was cross training.  I went to weight workout class. 
Last night was a disaster of a speed workout.  The plan was 800s on the paved trail.  There is a mile marked out in quarters.  The plan was 1/2 mile fast, 1/2 mile recover.  I made it through 4 repeats.  The 4th one came in at 5:04.  That's a 10 minute pace, not exactly speedwork.  I felt like a fat, out of shape hippo!!  I can't even run a half mile in under 10 minute pace.  I drank and stood there trying to recover and my heart rate was still 120.  I started out to do one more half (the others were already quite a way ahead of me and I'd already told the coach that I was only doing one more and heading back) but barely made it to the 1/4 marker.  I turned around and jogged (if it  even qualified as jogging!) back then walked back to the school where we parked.  When I got back to my car, my heart rate was still over 130.  weird.  Yep, that proves that I am sooooooo out of shape. 

I know know know that the key is to get this 10 pounds of gained weight off of my body and then I can begin to build my fitness back up.

Less than 2 weeks till this semester is over and then I get a 6 week break!!!!!!!  I only have one final exam, yayyyyyy!!

Less than 6 months to graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.5 months till KEY WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I have a lot on the agenda:  bake cookies to take to meet the new neighbors!!!!  Also, prepare for the final exam, finish up the last of my homework for this class.  I'm almost there!!

Runner Nerd
out of shape hippo! 

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