Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Running in Sweaters

Tonight was our running group holiday run and party!  The person who made the Facebook invitation threw in the option to wear Christmas sweaters!  I just happened to have one that I bought a few years back at a thrift shop for a party or some occasion that called for wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. 
This is 3 of us with our sweaters!  I look strange; I'm not good at trying to pose like a fashion model!! 
My sweater zips up in the front and halfway through the run I had to unzip it.  It is very strange running with a sweater flopping around!! 
So that was the 2012 edition of the holiday light party!  Hard to believe that another year has rolled around.  Since Christmas and New Years fall on Tuesdays there will be no running group the next 2 weeks.

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