Monday, December 31, 2012

Missing New York

I'm kind of sad today.  I had planned to return to New York City this year to run the midnight run in Central Park like I did on New Years Eve, 2010.  It turns out that I just couldn't do it this year.  My daughter is preparing to study abroad next semester and we have to have her all ready to go on January 8th.  I'm going to Key West in 3 weeks which is going to cost more than I thought it would.  College nearly cleaned out my savings even with the scholarships I received.  (If it wasn't for the scholarships, I'd have a lot less to spend on Key West.)
Anyway, I'm going to run the local New Years Eve run tonight.  It's at 10pm which isn't as much fun as midnight.  It is small town and nothing like the atmosphere in Central Park on New Years Eve.  There were so many people there!  It just goes to show that runners just love to run!  Runners celebrate every occasion by running!  The run is 4 miles and I didn't run very fast, it was so crowded at the start that it took 11 minutes for the first mile!  It did thin out somewhat but there was still so many people all around me!  There were fireworks, too!  I had run nearly 2 miles when the fireworks stopped! The 4 mile run took longer than it usually takes me to run 4 miles but it was over with so fast! 
As for real life - Weather Channel website says 27 degrees at 10 pm here which isn't too bad.  I will think about sunny days, palm trees and shorts while I run!!  I go to Key West in 2 weeks, 3 days!
Tonight, I will be missing and thinking about this:
My daughter, my sister and I in Central Park before the run

My friend, Nestor (who lives there), and me after the run

Next year, for sure!!  I'm going next year!!  New York City, I will see you this date next year!!!

Runner Nerd
longing for the fun in Central Park

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