Saturday, August 31, 2013

First 20 Miler Done!

Today, I did my first 20 mile training run for my upcoming Chicago Marathon.  It wasn't pretty there at the end.  I started having problems around mile 14.  The last 4 miles were really bad.  I had to walk up some hills during those last 4 miles.  I covered 20 miles on foot so it counts! 
I went to a group training run where a route is mapped out, signs placed at turns and water stops provided.  My friend and I started out way too fast, as usual.  I have been telling myself the last few days that I have to slow down for this 20 miler.  I ended up with an overall average pace of 10:48 which is fine for 4:30 marathon training.  I just wish all the miles had been in that area and no walking. 
Next week should have been my 20 miler but I wanted to do an 8 mile race on Mackinac Island because it falls on my birthday this year!!  I rearranged my schedule to fit it in.  I considered running the race course again and then another 4 miles but decided that I'd rather hang around the island the rest of the day so I moved my 20 miler ahead a week.  I'm taking my bicycle so I will probably do some biking after the race.  After this 20 miler, that 8 mile race is going to seem easy!!  I'm aiming to have all my miles under 9 minutes.

Last week there was no group run because so many of the group went to a huge 10 mile race in Flint called the CRIM.  I've run the CRIM before and would have liked to have again but with already having rearranged my schedule for Mackinac Island it just wasn't possible.  I even won an entry and a bus ride up there at a fitness expo back in the spring but decided to turn it down.  Anyway, with there not being a group run, I had to do my long run all by myself.  I ran 18 miles alone.  It was tough, I sure missed the group run.  I ran a 10 mile route first, refilled my handheld water bottle at my car and then ran an 8 mile route.  I even started a half hour earlier than the group run starts.  I ran out of water on the 8 mile portion.  I was really running slow at the end (last 2 miles) but I got through it. 

It's hard to believe that 6 weeks from tomorrow is the Chicago Marathon!!  I registered wayyyyy back in early Feburary. 

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    1. Thanks! I'll be doing it again in a few weeks!

  2. The first 20 miler is always humbling, but it's also a test of your resolve and if you make it through it, then you really are good to go with the marathon. The next one will be better because you'll know you've done it before. If it helps, try aiming to run your slowest mile of this one as your first mile of the next one. Then you'll feel like you can only get better.

    1. That's been the case every time I've trained for a marathon! The first 20 miler is always a disaster but the 2nd one goes much better. Back in the day, I'd do 22 miles as my longest and I'd do it faster than the 20 miler from a couple weeks before! I haven't yet decided if I'm going to do another 20 miler or do 22 for this marathon.