Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vega Sport energy gels

Today was another long run day!  I'm 16 miles closer to Chicago!  The run went pretty good but mile 13 and 14 were tough, 15 got better and 16 was slow although I can't really say just what my pace was because my Garmin turned off at 14.95 miles.  I guess it really is time to replace it.  I got the low battery warning at only 29 minutes into the run; that's the earliest it's ever been.  The time was 2:21:13 when the Garmin shut off.  Now I have a decision to make and I need to make it quick so I can have a functioning Garmin before my next long run.  Next week I have to run 18.

One good thing that came from today's run is that I have FINALLY found a fueling product that is going to work!!  I've said it before - I just can't choke down slimy gels.
I recently received samples of Vega Sport gels.  I read some reviews that said that they are like the consistency of apple sauce.   I'm not sure that they remind me of applesauce, to me they are similar to oatmeal, but thinner.  They somewhat remind me of the filling in Nutri-Grain bars.    I am happy to say that I can squeeze it into my mouth and swallow it without gagging and having to force myself to swallow it, like I have to with Gu brand gels.  I tried Raspberry last week and Orange this week.  I like them both but Raspberry is the one I like the most. 
Vega Sport Endurance Gel

The one thing I don't like about these is that the size of the packet is HUGE compared to Gu brand.  I intended to take a pic of one of these with a Gu packet but I forgot to do it.  I can lay the Gu packet on top of these and have Vega packet showing all the way around the Gu packet.  It's going to be hard to stuff 4 of them in the little pouch in my skirt.  I will make it work.
According to the Vega website, they are a plant-based, all-natural energy gel,
From the website:

I am going to have to order them online because I cannot find them in any stores in my area.  I called the company to ask about stores and was told that they aren't in any stores in this area but they are working on it.  They are trying to get them in every Whole Foods.   They offered to send me the samples so I could try them.  The lady I talked to on the phone assured me that if I don't like the sliminess of the Gu brand that I am going to like these because they are nothing like Gu.  The best source I've found is They are 20.99 per box of 12 which makes them 1.75 each.  They offer free shipping with orders over 35.00 so 2 boxes would ship free.  Now, I have to decide whether to order a box of each or 2 boxes of Raspberry. 
I am really happy about this because fueling is the biggest issue I have when running a marathon.  I try very hard to choke Gu down but as the hours roll by, it gets harder and harder and then I end up getting very little down and then I hit the wall. 

Well, I'm worn out.  I had to get up super early to get to running group and run 16 miles.  Tomorrow I am taking my daughter to shop for things she needs for college.  She moves back to CMU on Tuesday.  This is her last semester!  She graduates in December.  I can't believe that it's time for her to go back already.  I'm going to miss her but will be glad that her 4 month old kitten goes with her!!  It's been interesting this summer having a kitten in the house.
Time for bed for this worn out runner!

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